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Thread: I've met someone who's into it!

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    Default I've met someone who's into it!

    Hi everyone, this is my first real post, after my introduction. I've been a lurker here for a while, and often planned on joining up, but never did. I don't think I felt that I had anything to really add or contribute, but that's changing quickly now.

    Now as I said, I've actually read lots of stories before on here, and other sites, about finding a willing partner who enjoys the same things as you/we do. Mostly it seems impossible, and every now and then you read a story about someone finding a like minded person, and you think to yourself "That's just bull....", because it seems so unlikely.

    But I can now tell you it's possible. And that's the reason that I finally signed up here. I finally feel that I'm ready to share with the community, and learn more as well.

    I don't want to drag this out to novel length, but suffice to say I've always been into wetting, both my own and others, have an affinity for diapers, and class myself as a little. So the chance of me finding a partner at my age, (46), with my desires were slim, or so I thought.

    But I've been dating my new lady for a while now, and things are great. One thing that I found out about her, is she has mild to medium bladder incontinence issues. She wears a panty liner all the time, and wears Tena or Depends briefs when necessary.

    After an incident or two, she explained her situation to me, understanding that it might "put me off" going out with her. We had a frank discussion, and I did something that I never thought I could do. I told her I actually didn't mind, and in fact got a bit turned on by it.

    She then told me how her ex-husband (now deceased), had liked it as well. He often "babied" her, and they incorporated age play into their relationship. I told her that I would love the same thing.

    Now we've been starting to play and explore a bit more lately, just slowly, taking it easy. I'd love to say it's all fantastic and a dream come true, but in reality there are some awkward moments when you can't quite "maintain character " as much as you would like. Sometimes it just feels wrong.

    But on the whole it is great! I'm starting to do things that I always thought would never happen.

    So it is possible to find a partner.

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    Certainly a rarity but it does happen. Congratulations! Continued success on your relationship.

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    Wo! Very nice to know that somentime happens to someone! Luky go with those who seek it, so let's be optimistic!
    Enjoy as u can!

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    Congratulations on your relationship and it's nice to know that you found someone with the same interests.

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