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Thread: Cloth or plastic what do you choose and why

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    Default Cloth or plastic what do you choose and why

    Which would you use looking for soft and discrete. Tell me what you all would look at

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    Hi beginner93 I go for plastic back if one must wear then these are more babyish and binges back the old days for me and I just like them.


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    nothing about plastic is discrete, no matter what you do a plastic diaper will crinkle and sure those that say they are discrete because people wont hear it over the sound of the environment ect they may be correct but what happens when you walk into a dead silent lecture hall because u came in late and the only seat is up front... yeah your doing a crinkly walk of shame, sure they are "discrete in loud environments" but in quieter ones avoid them at all cost. go cloth backed for maximum discreteness. Abena M4's, L4's and M3's, L3's are great, quitet and hold a bunch (4 is thicker than the 3) so if you plan on wearing out go with L /M 3's they are thinner and easier to hide under clothes.

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    I'm a BIG FAN of cloth diapers, however I don't think they're at all discrete! No way, Jose'! They tend to be bulky and very difficult to conceal under "street clothes".
    Disposables, even the plastic-backed variety (my preference) can be much more discrete. Might not be able to wear the thick diapers you like, but there are brands that will conceal well under just about any type of clothing, save for maybe a very, very skin-tight catsuit or leotard.
    It takes some trial & error.

    Some of the cloth-like backed variety may suit your needs best. Try a sample pack & see!

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    "cloth or plastic" is usually a matter of taste, more often than not whatever you were wearing or saw others wearing when you were little. They've got a lot of differences. "Soft and discrete" is probably going to have to be plastic. Cloth is thick all the time, not just when wet, and usually needs a plastic cover. Works well for overnight and is a lot cheaper in the long run, but that's about it.

    The most discrete disposable you're going to find will be some type of clothlike pullup. They're fast and easy to put on or pull off to use the toilet in public, are all too thin to bulge, and clothlike is quiet.

    I have no desire at all to try cloth. I've tried several clothlike and can't say I like any of them. I go with something like a TotalDry Plus for daytime. They're textured plasic so still pretty quiet, all their diaper qualities are good, and they're cheap. If I was willing to spend more I'd go with Snuggies Waddlers (revision 1) since they're similar in many respects, but are a LOT more comfortable, have front/back elastic, and a fair amount of SAP. (totaldry are all pulp)

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    I wear plastic mainly because that I what I wore when I was in diapers when I was younger. Also I like the crinkle and cute baby prints that plastic diapers have.

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    I use both, but mostly cloth. I wear my cloth AIOs from Dependeco everywhere because they are discrete, quiet, very comfortable, and have really cute babyish prints. I nevr had a problem with these diapers under a normal pair of jeans. For disposables I really like the Dry 24/7s and the Abina M4s. At night I will wear cotton pre-fold diapers and plastic pants.

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    I like to wear plastic diapers I think they are comfertable and I find I dont get many leaks from them and I feel more secure wearing plastic diapers

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    If I were given a choice between using plastic or cloth-like disposables the rest of my life, I would choose plastic every time. There are so many reasons I prefer plastic. I find with cloth like it never fits as snug as when you first put it on. The sides ares are not good for side sleepers like me. Not to mention the sagging and the weeping. Nothing is discreet about wet clothes. I understand some people like them but I personally wouldn't trade in the performance for breathability and less noise.

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