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    Hello, my name is Zack but you can call me H3r0. I am new to the community and I have had the urge to wear a diaper ever since I was little. It all started when I was about six or seven my mom was baby sitting a friends kid that was still in diapers, I sneaked out of my bedroom at night and took about two or three of his diapers I hid them under my bed mattress I was a small child so they weren't that far off my size. I didn't wet them but I just simply enjoyed wearing them. I'm getting a job for the summer so now that the urge has come back I thought i'd pick some up, since i'm still kind of small I would think I can fit into some baby diapers i'm 90lbs and I have a thin waist no measurements (Don't have/Can't find the tape measure) tho, if you have any suggestions i'm open to them, but I was thinking a pampers cruisers size 6 (I would get size 7 but my store doesn't carry them) and some goodnites. Also, I live with my parents so I can't order from online they would check the bill.
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    Howdy dootie H3r0 (Zack).

    welcome! you're a punk ... but welcome! j/k :p
    I outgrew the juvenile products (Pampers, Pullups) when I was in 6th grade. If you can still wear them, good for you! It makes you a punk, but good for you! :p
    Target usually has a good supply of Pampers in size 7. If the bill is all you're worried about, goto just about ANY Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid/Kroger/Albertsons/QT/7-11 and get yourself a prepaid VISA/MasterCard. They're rechargable with cash at many convenient agent locations and work just like a credit card. Many banks also offer pre-paid cards.
    So long as you're over 15, it shouldn't be an issue to purchase one and use it to purchase quality diapers in a properly fitting size, online.

    UPS Store will rent you a private mail box, that you can get packages too. They're even real nice & will TXT you when you have a package to pickup.
    The rent on a small box is usually like 10 bucks a month. Ask about discounts for paying a year in-advance. You can get it down to 7 or 8 bucks a month.

    Check with some local medical-supply shops. Many will deliver for free. You may have to pay at the store ... but they'll deliver to ya'.
    You can tell them they're for a grandparent that you're caring for, if you're worried about someone thinking the diapers are for YOU :p

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    Thanks for the advice, I would go to walmart for the size 7 pampers (I know they have them) but I would have to go across town and go on a major highway. The only store I have with diapers would be CVS so my options are limited. I can't really order diapers cause one of my brothers/parents would see. I think my best bet is to just go buy them in the store put them in a backpack and ride home. I just need to be careful tho cause my brother works one day during the week and my parent work during the week so I will take this day to buy diapers.

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