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Thread: Naruto?

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    Default Naruto?

    I dont think there is a tv thread so i figured this is as good as anywhere else to put it. Does anyone else watch naruto? Though it seems it has been dissappearing lately, when toonami went so did the weekly episodes, now there is only one every now and then.

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    English dub Naruto is gross. I prefer the subbed ones. Plus, the subbed ones go much further than what Toonami has done. I haven't watched any in a while though. I just read the manga.

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    I tried watching it for a while, but there was too much filler in it and I didn't care for the dubs. The latter can be fixed by watching a subbed version, but the filler/pacing is a problem. I went to the manga and haven't looked back.

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    I usually watched the subs, but I agree with Trevor, the pacing can be a problem, so I'll watch the episodes in clumps....manga ftw!

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    Fillers pissed me off. Plus, the english dubs are wayyyyy too censored.

    Go to NARUTO-ƒiƒ‹ƒg-‚‚‚‚‚ and you can watch the subbed Shippuden chronicles in Japanese from the beginning. It's free!

    I agree with andysetra. I like to buy the manga at Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks so I can read and follow the story at my own pace.

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    English Dubbed f*cking SUCKS.
    Japanese subbed ftw. Plus, I read the manga :P Goes a lot faster.

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    The original first three episodes of Naruto were banned and had to be remade if I remember correctly. They involved 'proper' injuries, including ripped open stomachs. I may be wrong though, I could of swore it was those episodes that I watched before watching the 4th and thinking "Where has my awesome series gone?"

    I've not touched it since.

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    It's an O.K. series, and by O.K. I mean it's just a step up from a steaming pile o' crap, it had potential but too much typical shounen shit ruined it.

    Watch Hellsing, you'll be better for it.

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