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    I am trying to install Ruby on Rails to Mac OS 10.10 using the terminal. The online tutorial I found tells me what commands to type in, but It is not working well. Homebrew and ruby seemed to install well, but then github didn't work as the tutorial suggested and rails failed due to Xcode and other issues. I am not sure what to do next so I am reaching out for help.

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    I don't use OSX, but if you have homebrew and Ruby already, running "brew install gem", and "gem install rails" will probably get you what you are looking for. (With proper permissions of course.)

    Gem is Ruby's main package manger, and its "rails" package is Ruby on Rails.

    I'm also not sure about installing anything called "GitHub", but if you are looking for git (The revision control system GitHub hosts), "brew install git" will get you that.

    GitHub is a site that hosts git projects, so any program called GitHub I'd probably just an interface around git.

    Hope that helps..!

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