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Thread: I Can't Handle it Anymore

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    Default I Can't Handle it Anymore

    Just as the title suggests, I really don't know how much longer I can go on for. Every attempt I can manage at making myself happy never lasts and before I know it I'm just as depressed as ever.

    I can't cope with feeling like this and I have no idea what the hell to do with my life anymore. I can't handle criticism or anything remotely negative from people. I can't bare being hurt anymore. Nobody at school ever wants to talk to me. My family are too busy to care about me. They're really shitty with the AB/DL thing and won't listen to anything I have to say about it. I can't deal with it anymore.
    I tried being happy so many times and I can never maintain it. I know everyone else has better things to do than deal with me but I have to idea where to turn to. Suicide is just my escape route I can't bear life anymore and I can't bear being hurt anymore. They always say it gets better but that thought isn't enough to get me through life anymore.

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    What do your attempts to make yourself happy consist of and why do you need your family to be ok with your ab/dl side?

    If you're serious about suicide, you need to ask for help immediately, whether it be from your family, school, etc. There IS help out there for you, people DO care, and suicide isn't an answer.

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    I'm not familiar with the layout of Australia, so take a look at this website and call whichever number is appropriate for you or go check yourself into a hospital. This moment.

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    Call the number corresponding to you posted by Archie. While your family may be shitty about the AB/DL thing, I can tell you that they do truly care about you, and would be destroyed if you committed suicide. They maybe don't understand what your going through right now, but they do care. Believe me when I say coping with someone close to you committing suicide is the hardest thing imaginable: some never do.

    For the sake of yourself and of those close to you, follow the link posted by Archie. Think of all the things you'll miss out on: new foods, new people, new experiences, new music... the list goes on. Make the call.

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    what your feeling may be an irrational response from your brain chemistry, don't commit suicide, you have tried to make yourself happy, I think you need to seek help to find your happiness, and that you can be happy, remember to breath, remember all the good times, and know that there will be more good times in the future. The brain can make something trivial into a mountain of pain, its not your fault that you are in pain, you have depression of some sort, get help, its not worth committing suicide, you will find happy times again, maybe a happiness you never dreamed possible. Dream big.

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    I'm sorry milko, that is a really hard feeling to deal with, not having family seem like they care at all. Do you have many friends you can talk to? Getting the support of friends is the best thing I had when my parents went psycho about my adult baby news. Some of my family later found out and gave me support too. I would say that something that might be helpful as well is to start making some goals on how you can make your life better on your own, like education or training for a specific type of job, and working towards getting out of your house since it causes you a lot of stress to have your family act the way they are. Also, you should look at the site archieron posted. it'll get better.

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    Call a hotline or check in with a therapist. Suicide isn't an escape, all it does is create hurt for you and those around you, regardless of how you think they feel about you.

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    "Love yourself and never let anyone make you feel less of a human for being different. We're all freaks on the inside"

    That is from your own signature within you profile.
    Please take you own advice

    Otherways do call 13 11 14 or visit

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    Hey you might not know me that we'll even tho I'm new listen to me if u feel this depressed, stop thinking about the pain, look for good memory call the suicidal hotlines. If u feel that won't help I want u to talk to the family right here this family the forums family, I want u to get a pen and paper and write every thing u would like to do in this world all of your dreams, the person u would like to get married to think of your children that u may have someday.
    I know family is hard and complicated, well write them a letter about every thing u feel write now, start it with if you love me(meaning you) you will listen. Tell them every thing . Jump in to a role play, play a game .
    Even watch these videos:
    Watch it look at your self you are strong you will get through this. There is all ways some one better in side you find em and live

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