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    Bought a pack of the Always Discrete today and I actually love them so far. They easily hold a solid wetting, and the thing I like most is that they feel very similar to Goodnites when they are wet. I love giving my full diaper a squeeze and have always liked the way Goodnites felt, and these feel almost the same. Unlike some of the other more common adult pull-ups, like Depends, these seem like just a bigger Goodnite. Not a huge fan of them being scented, but other than that, I am in love

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    I have tried them, and I like them very much. The fit is very good, and, as the name says, they are very discrete. I like wearing them under the male clothing I have to wear in public. I have not really noticed the scent, but I do like the feminine design they have on them.

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    Hear, hear, Fifi!
    Well said. I much prefer them over depends and similar house brands.
    BTW, I am male, but if they do the job you want them to do, then wear them. I use a premium, usually ABena M4 or similar for nighttime, and when I expect to be out longer than about 3 hours.

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    I have been trying them out over the last week and a half. They do not feel nearly as bulky as my normal Abena Abriflex Premium 3, but being cut for a woman, as a man they work for me quite well. I like the "semi-high cut" leg style. They don't hold as many big wettings as the Abenas, but are perfectly acceptable for everyday diaper enjoyment around the house and out shopping. They just don't have quite the capacity of a higher end diaper. I can manage 2 or 3 pretty heavy wettings into them before they start to feel they are at their limit. Their leg cut seems to limit their ability to handle a large poo event. Although a modest BM into them seemed well within their limit.

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    I've seen these in the store, haven't tried them yet but they sound pretty good. I do have a "technical" question though, when wearing these am I correct in assuming that you need to be "pointing down" to take best advantage of the padding? I've recently been using the Tena Women's Pull-ups and have been really impressed with their capacity but figured out pretty quickly that you had to be pointed down to keep them from leaking out the top/front and to use the padding to the maximum.

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    Yes, I always "point down" in any diaper. If I was to "point up" in this diaper I would be right near the top edge of the absorbent material. And, no, I am not overly-endowed (unfortunately...). The one I had on this morning held just under 13 ounces of urine before it felt like it was at capacity. That was two good wettings and a minor one. When I took it off and changed into a dry one an examination confirmed that it probably would not have absorbed very much more if any more. It also sagged pretty badly when it was that full.
    A fun and economical diaper. Certainly better than Depends! But I do believe for any serious diaper wearing, wetting and pooing I will stick to my Abena Abriflex. Yeah, I prefer a pull up to a tape on.

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    I wonder if they will eventually come out with a male version of the always discreet pull ups?

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    I really want to try them, heard mainly good reviews about those pants.

    I guess a male version is not too likely. Always is quite a women's brand (if you know what I mean) that a lot of women trust. I guess if P&G wants to expand they will not be names Always. Anyway I doubt that the probability of a male version is high. The product is absolutely targeted to women (design and name wise) and I guess if they planned to introduce a male version as well they would have used a more unisex approach.

    Anyway this is just my guess


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    i would suggest going for the large size instead of the smalls, the smalls have little padding the larges are more fun for me and the wife and more reasonable for everyday since the absorbency is much higher...

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    After reading this thread, I went out and purchased a package. I like these much better than the Depends pull-up options. They fit very well (size small for a 34" waist) and I feel more confident wetting these because of their design. The smell is subtle and actually quite nice. The print is also very subtle. Obviously, their capacity is low compared to an actual diaper, but they fulfill my need for padding when discretion is necessary. The bonus is that at my local CVS Pharmacy, they are priced less than the Depends brand.

    One thing to note is that they come in two capacities. Pay attention to the markings on the package.

    Thanks for the heads-up. These will be my new pull-up option.

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