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Thread: somethings missing

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    Any of you feel u have a whole in your life and u try to fill it but u still come back to the same feeling of emptyness

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    Quote Originally Posted by D1aperedIncognito View Post
    Any of you feel u have a whole in your life and u try to fill it but u still come back to the same feeling of emptyness
    I'm going to make a guess here. Typically when someone feels there's a whole in their life, they're suffering from depression. Depression sometimes blindsides me. I may have had several descent days, but I'll wake up and find I'm either depressed, or deeply depressed. It's then that I feel there's a big whole in my life. I've discovered that to fill this whole, I have to keep myself busy. I'll probably get up early enough tomorrow morning and get out on our bike trail. I find exercise helps to fill the hole.

    Since I own my own house and because my wife is disabled, I'm the one who vacuums and keeps it clean. I actually don't mind and I feel better if I'm busy doing chores. Because I'm a musician, I'll also practice some pieces on my piano, or I'll read a book, or if I'm really ambitious, I'll start writing another story. I still work a part time job so that keeps my mind involved and engaged in something productive. I find I feel better if I've been involved in something that feels productive, like I've accomplished something.

    I hope that helps a little. Depression is typically caused by a number or reasons. In my case, it mostly my wife's declining health though I've always suffered from depression. I have my demons, but I try to keep them buried, which I suppose is where they belong.

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    Yes, I miss a few things - something lost for ever... The worst part of that is I can't buy or make it. It doesn't cost money, that's why I think is the worst.

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    Since dogboy covered the depression angle, my other thought is that you may be lonely. That could be for friends or romance. If it's romance, dice in and try dating. I've had some good luck (though nothing lasting) with OKCupid. If it's friendship and you don't know anyone, consider joining a club, activity, or do some local volunteering. You'll meet people in a friendly context and get to know them.

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    family no but archi might be on to somthing it makes sense

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    It happens to us all I think but no one answer can ever solve it.

    If something is missing from your life then the only thing you can do is get out there and find it!

    It might be a person, it might be religion, it might be a certain skill or a hobby but half of the fun is figuring out what it is.

    Go search around, Dont be afraid to meet new people or try something new but the important thing is to listen to your gut and your heart because deep down I'm sure you know what it is that's missing, even of its subconcious you know.

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    All i can add to the already great advice is to find your passion in life to give it meaning.
    You are so dictated by what you need to do in life you need balance.
    What do you love in terms of hobbies?
    Finding that passion in life and ending up getting payed to do what you love is certain to make you happy in life.
    The hole can always be 'plugged' temporarily.
    Fake it till you make it man!

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    I have been through this several times. Speaking from my own experiences, I strongly believe that that emptiness begins as we continue to evolve as individuals. After enough time, we get bored with what we are doing or we start yearning for something else. A void is created which is a motivating factor to find something new. I agree with others that maybe you should look into new hobbies, volunteering, etc. Something new and exciting should serve to fill the void in your life. Sometimes it takes pushing your boundaries to find a new lease on life. I've always taken the feeling you describe as a poke to find something new in my life. Over time I've come to try to give new things a try occasionally to prevent this feeling from starting.

    Good luck in your endeavors!

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    thx for the replys

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