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Thread: AB/DL Full Time Dom, Interested in Being the Baby

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    Default AB/DL Full Time Dom, Interested in Being the Baby

    About 2.5 years ago, I met a girl who's truly the love of my life. She's adorable, sweet, and we're very complimentary in terms of interests and personalities. I am an AB/DL switch, but she's very submissive. Within a few months, her and I were in a full-time dom/sub relationship. She refers to me as sub, I refer to her as baby or "little girl" etc. She's embraced a young childish personality around me, but has been hesitant on going deep into AB/DL stuff. She'll wear diapers for me about twice a month, but is more comfortable usually wearing childish panties and cute skirts. In other words, she's close but not precisely satisfying me.
    Because it's full time, we never switch the roles. The idea of me being the submissive is almost entirely incompatible with our relationship. However, lately I've had a deep desire to be babied and diapered and dominated, much like I have worked hard to get her to accept being done to her. I've considered a number of options including finding some play partner, hiring a domina (the main hesitation there being difficulty finding one in Washington DC at a reasonable price), trying to suppress it, or trying to satisfy it with porn. I could try to tell her, but I'm afraid of ruining the dynamic for a temporary urge.

    Any advice?

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    I would ask her if she would do it for you. Getting another person involved could lead to jealousy and hurt feelings for not being upfront with her. You might even lose her. Talk to her before doing anything else. Who knows? A temporary urge could lead to something permanent. To me it sounds like she might do it.

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    Yeah, I agree with zipperless. You've gone this far, which is way further than most people ever imagine, that I see little risk in expressing your needs. Most relationships are two way streets, a give and take sort of thing. If she can't participate in that way, then she can't, but I don't see how you have anything to risk, because she already knows you're AB/DL.

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    This sounds similar to my relationship with my wife. First and foremost, if this woman is the love of your life, you should never seek a professional to satisfy your submissive desires. In my opionion this would be dishonest and may not even fulfill your desires because you are not sharing your fanatasies with your soulmate. Breaking your wallet for a professional could break her heart. The key here is communication. All relationships can change and evolve over time both emotionally and physically. Your feelings, her feelings, your desires, and her desires should all be discussed at a time that is right. Let her know your desires have changed and you would like to be dominated by her sometime. If she is only submissive share with her specifics that you desire while being dominated as an adult baby/diaper lover. Teach her what makes you tic and what excites you. Share with her that you want to fulfill your fantasies with her because she is the love of your life. I know in my own personal relationship that my feelings evolved from being an occassional diaper lover that dominated his partner to a sissy baby girl. This proved to be difficult on the love of my life as she desires to be submissive and now she is married to a sissy baby. Love, understanding, and sacrifices have all led to my relationship being better than it ever has been and the key to all of it was communication. Also, this may not happen over night. Your love may need time to find her dominant side and be patient with her. Also, have understanding if she can not be dominant. As I like to say, love will always find a way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight View Post
    she's close but not precisely satisfying me.
    Lol, you're gonna get torn apart by the other members

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    I don't know how Dom/Sub relationships typically work but I do know that EVERY relationship requires give and take. My suggestion would be to show her this post or maybe sit down with her and explain how you feel. Ask her about the options you have listed here and see how she feels. It sounds like you two have a good relationship and part of a good relationship is good communication so go ahead and talk to her. Only you two can come up with a good compromise together.

    (Also there is the slight chance that you both might find some excitement in switching roles every once in a while)

    Best of luck to you.

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