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Thread: im sorry everyone..

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    Default im sorry everyone..

    This thread is dedicated and headed towards all people who iv wrongly been aggressive towards…I’m sorry behavior was unacceptable...i deserve all the negative rep iv accumulated...i don’t expect any of you to forgive me...but i just was a good gesture to apologize...everyone of have my sincerest apologies

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    I admire someone who can admit their mistakes. Many people will never do that, and will deny all accusations against them. (That's what lawyers are for.)

    I don't really remember what you did, but looking at the neg rep you have, it probably was something bad. Anyways, it's good you admitted your mistakes. You may have had a rocky start, but I'm sure you can rise up, and become a contributing and helpful member to ADISC. Just remember one thing: Learn from your mistakes, and don't repeat them.

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    I accept your apology, although I have no idea what you did. It didn't involve me, or I guess I would know, right? Anyway, it does take a big person to admit their wrongs, and for that you are commended. I hope that you have learned from whatever you did, and don't repeat it. Good luck to you.

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    I'm glad you've apologized, but I hope you aren't just doing it to get out of moderated status. You're still going to have to work your way out, but good luck to you if you can.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure what happened...all this big to-do over rep these days. I'm damn tempted to plus rep you for starting this thread, but am still learning rep etiquette.

    What are the consequences of negative rep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PostTenebrasLux View Post
    What are the consequences of negative rep?

    It will take like 8 positive rep to balance one negative rep out. He probably won't ever become a VIP

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    It's great that you have apologized, and I'd recommend putting more time and thought into your posts from now on- that way you'll stay out of trouble.

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    Ah. Probability aside, is it technically possible for him to become VIP?

    (For my part, I'm not sure how much it matters...I'm at 2--I think--and am happy just being a regular.)

    Jter42: not sure what happened, but remember that folks are here for you, and they're hoping you're here for them too. Reputation doesn't seem to matter much (I think) after becoming un-moderated.

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