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Thread: does anyone else wake up at nite sucking ther thumb?

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    Default does anyone else wake up at nite sucking ther thumb?

    I did it alot as a teen but now when I regress in my sleep I wake up feeling little (sometimes like a teen) but always scared and sucking my right thumb. Just wondering if im alone in this. I was told I should embrace my little self or it could try and take over. Any advice??

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    I have sort off the same, since i was 18 i had an urge sometimes to suck my thumb. That urge to do so was very strong. About a year ago i bought a nuk5 and it changed the way i sleep. I sleep with my pacifier every night and have real problems getting to sleep without it. On the very few occasions i loose it during the night, i wake up in a real sense of panic.

    I don't know whether my dependance on my pacifier is good or not, but i have never slept as good as now.

    My wife sees the difference and encourages me to sleep with it because it brings a positive change, but it's not always easy because i still feel ashamed of this dependance sometimes. So i don't made up my mind yet if i should accept it or not.

    But for now i sleep with my pacifier every night and i sleep very good

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    I've tried just sucking my thumb normally, but it feels in comfortable, mostly because I change what side of the bed I lay on through the night. And when I stand up, the weight of my elbow tires out my arm, so no. Although I imagine a pacifier doesn't have such a burden.

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    I bought a Nuk 5 last night because I'm having trouble sleeping without sucking my thumb. It's really comforting to do so, and I find myself doing it absentmindedly even when I'm not sleeping.

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    Haha ever since I was born I've never stopped sucking my thumb, I was never able to stop. It annoys the absolute hell out of my parents . I suppose it's bad for your teeth but I've never had problems with them at all.

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    I do suck my thumb at night and at other times.
    52 years ago in Kindergarten, my Kindergarten Teacher ruthlessly "punished" my thumb sucking in front of the rest of the kids to "terminate" the behavior.

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    I have sucked my thumb since I was born. In my case I find it easy to stop if needed. I was in the Army for three years and was not able to suck my thumb but as soon as I got out, I started again. I don't believe that I have ever waken up with my thumb in my mouth but that may be because I suck my thumb so much.

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    I'm a thumbsucker too. Ever since I was born! I love sucking my thumb all the time. I mean, I control it but it really calms me and makes me feel happy. I hug this pillow and sometimes the first thing I do after waking up is put my thumb in my mouth. I have not tried nuk 5, but I don't believe it can feel such as good!

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    I tired thumb sucking and it does not work for me. I tried doing at night when I sleep and it gets uncomfortable and it doesn't stay in my mouth when I sleep. I prefer to use my paci because it's relaxing to me and I get to sleep faster with it.

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    Can't say that has ever happened to me. I too am not a big thumb sucker. I do a lot of work with my hands and they get really dirty - my nails especially can be grungy at times despite my best efforts to keep them trimmed and clean. Sucking my thumb is not appealing for that alone. As far as a paci is concerned I feel like I would lose it in my sleep immediately because I breathe through my mouth at night so I wouldn't be able to do it. But it is adorable for those that can!

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