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Thread: Good kiddy TV shows to watch?

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    Default Good kiddy TV shows to watch?

    I've noticed as of late I don't find myself watching kiddy tv shoes 'cause they seem to bore me. Anyone know any good ones? I used to like some other ones, but those no longer air, and to be honest, I don't watch the same thing twice often, unless it's really good, or I feel it has some odd underlying meaning that only my subconscious AB side understands.

    TL;DR please find me some kiddy tv shows that aren't boring! thank you!

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    well for me dora makes me feel little also a show ni hao kai lan i like that just shows that let you interact with it

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    I like "Kate plus Cat" on PBS and "DinoTrain".

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    I like the Furchester Hotel and Sesame Street...when I'm feeling little, i'll watch just about any kids show, but I can watch those 2 even if I'm not completely in little space.

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    Amazing My little pony has not been mentioned.

    I love My little pony and Littlest pet shop but I am still looking for ones to get into myself. I am like you. I want something that is good to watch.

    As for old stuff I love to watch reruns on Youtube and video

    Care bears
    Rainbow Bright
    Little foot
    My little pony G1 and G3

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    Bear in the Big Blue House, Dragon Tales and if you can find it (this goes way back), Eureeka's Castle.

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    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack This show is absolutely hilarious..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I like "Kate plus Cat" on PBS and "DinoTrain".
    Ditto on peg+cat. It's on pbs and it's fantastic.

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