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    I've recently been having this problem where I leak whenever I lie on either of my sides. It seems like even if I'm not soaked, as soon as I lie on my side for more than two minutes, I leak out of the side of the diaper, not even from the leg cuffs. It's a disaster because not only have I leaked but the tapes tend to stop sticking because they get wet, too.
    This didn't used to be an issue, but for the past twenty or so diapers I've used, I've had to lie on my back lest I wake up with the bed even more ruined that it was by the last time, and I have to pray that I don't turn over in my sleep. It's very distressing. I haven't changed the way I'm taping as far as I can tell, and I don't understand why this would suddenly be happening. Does this happen to anyone else, and can you provide a solution?

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    You're not going to like this answer, but I've found it to be a consistent problem and I simply never pee on my side. The only 100% sure way I've heard from hanging around here is to wear a cloth diaper with plastic pants, since that goes all the way around and it doesn't matter which way you're lying. As a stopgap, you could try just adding the plastic pants so that if you flood it doesn't escape and the diaper has time to absorb. But, imo, you got lucky up to this point and leaking when peeing on your side is the normal thing for disposables.

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    I'm not peeing when I'm on my side, though. I probably should have clarified that - it happens when I'm already wet. I know that peeing on my side is a bad idea, but I feel like I shouldn't be leaking when I'm already wet and then roll over onto my side. However, since I posted this, I may have found the solution. I'll edit this post in the morning with my findings.

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    if you're going to rol over onto your back to wet, then roll back over onto your side to sleep, (which is how most of my nights go) here's some advice:

    1) don't overfill your diaper. if the padding in the back has gotten wet to within 2" of the back top of the padding, it's time to change or stop wetting otherwise your diaper may leak from any of several places.
    2) don't roll off your back until you have given liquids time to wick around. I wait usually 5-10 min, which is probably longer than necessary. flipping onto your side right away is bound to leak.
    3) low-sap diapers will move liquids to the lower side (due to gravity and press-out) when you roll onto your side, because they can't lock the liquid into gel. Side-sleeping cuts the capacity of most low-sap diapers in half.

    I'm going to guess #2 is your problem, you're getting more used to sleeping diapered, and are rolling back onto your side too quickly after wetting, before your diaper has had time to distribute the added liquids.

    though re-reading your post, you're saying out the SIDE of your diaper... you need to be pointing DOWN, so you wet into the crotch of your diaper (folded into a "V" to channel to the back) - it's almost impossible to avoid a leak wetting in a disposable while pointed up. So fold a V into the crotch when diapering up, point down, wet while on your back, and give it a at least 5 min before rolling onto your side. Do that and you should be ok.

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    Like others said, give the diaper time to absorb after wetting or maybe your diaper isn't very good.

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    I figured out what the issue was, and I feel kind of stupid considering. I'm a bigger guy, that is, I have a belly, and it turned out that what was happening was the front was loosening while I slept and getting wet. I guess that the wetness was trickling down the side from the front. Last night I folded the front down under my belly instead of pulling it up and it made all the difference. I guess that's one mystery solved.

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    It's always nice to hear of something being solved.

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    I had leaks to I started to point down and use Ducktape around my diaper to help make it more snug and help keeping me pointing down. I will also try you idea of tucking in the extra top part of the diaper.

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