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Thread: Snuggies Shipping Issues

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    Default Snuggies Shipping Issues

    anyone else ordered from snuggies and keep up with the tracking info just to have the info say delivered and you dont have it? first time ive ordered from them and after over 7 days of waiting it says delivered and i was home all day but nothing. i called ups and had them begin an investigation and it sucked cause i had to tell the lady all the details of the package. i know she is a random person i will never meet but its just. ugh. no. you know. and this isnt a good first experience for me with them. im nervous about possibly reordering from them. i guess it will depend on the outcome of this. but has anyone else had problems like this with them or like this at all before?

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    Sounds like a UPS problem and not a problem created by the actual snuggies supplier. Sorry to hear about it, but UPS should make it right.

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    Not with Snuggies. However, I ordered a few samples from Bambino one time. Got the delivery confirmation and everything but no box at my door. Wtf! Anyways, it wasn't that big of an order so I chalked it up to "it happens." Like two days later there's a knock on my door and the box magically appeared. Apparently it had been delivered to someone else in my neighborhood who took it upon themselves to open the box (imagine their face when they're greeted with some Bellissimos and Classicos haha) and drop it off. Thank God I was home to catch it.

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    That definitely sounds like a UPS issue not a Snuggies issue. Contact Snuggies anyway so that they know what UPS did. It is not the fault of the seller if the shipment company does something dumb but will likely try to make it right.

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    Call Snuggies and have them sort it out. They're the ones that paid UPS to ship it, and they're the only ones that UPS is ultimately responsible to. If it comes to a loss track or a claim, they won't deal with you at all, since you're not the one that will be getting reimbursed.

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    We get packages delivered to the wrong home every month, despite our address being in 3 places, and few other homes having it at all. Drives us nuts

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    so figured id update yall on my fun. so i called ups and they opened the ticket. well my local distributor called me ( really nice lady ) and said that it was according to the gps, mistakenly delivered to my neighbors. well i know both of my neighbors well and i just went fuck everything in my head. cause the last thing i feel like doing is going over and saying "hey did you guys get a box of diapers by accident" so i ended up talking to my grandmother about it and she went and asked both left and right of me if they got a package and both said "no" so here i was totally lost. ( Note: my grandmother is awesome and knows about this stuff and supports it. i love her with all my heart ) so i called the ups place up and told the lady. so its not at either place and she said ok well someone will be over within the next few days to have you sign a paper so we can reimburse the seller and they can reimburse you. ok thank you very much bye all that jazz. just for me to get home and along with another package i ordered i got another random box. i was confused. just to open it and i got the snuggies that were supposubly missing. so im totally lost on wtf happened. but in the end i got my package. and im wearing them now. so soft and cute. i wove em! so much fun. lol

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    lol that's one hell of an experience, i have a case from them coming today... i hope XD

    - - - Updated - - -

    lol hot dam XD literally right as i posted my first reply the doorbell rang XD got me snuggies :p

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    hopefully UPS doesn't try to pull what the USPS tried on me this spring... "the carrier SAID he delivered it, and after we leave it at your door it's not our responsibility anymore. the package must have been stolen after delivery. you'll need to file a police report."

    (come to find out the carrier delivered it to the right house number, on the wrong street)

    They backtrack real fast when you introduce them to your home security system's DVR, that shows NO postman at your house at any point during the day of delivery. Sadly, that's about the only way to force them to take responsibility for a delivery mistake if they want to get stubborn about it.

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    Always ask vendors to ship and request "signature required". That way they can't just drop it and run...

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