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Thread: Diapers for travelling

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    So I've got a summer job while college is out where I'll be on the road a LOT over the summer, so i was thinking that i could wear in my car or in the hotel rooms while I'm away from my parents house. So, what would be a diaper that is fairly low-cost so i dont have to worry about using good ones while on the road? Also, ones that are low profile would be nice too, but not necessary. Thanks in advance.

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    If you're going to be on the road that means you're sitting... I highly recommend just going premium with abenas. Not too expensive and there is a nice bang for your buck. Nothing sucks worse than finding you've leaked in your seat... Is happened to me before and it want fun trying ti hide wet jeans in a truck stop

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    Boosters help immensely as well. I recommend Abri-let Maxi boosters if you're sitting.

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    Also, sticky tape is your friend when you are expecting to be sitting for a long time ... the tapes can be pulled and you can rip tabs/plastic shell. Putting some tape over the tabs will reinforce them just a little bit so that they won't fail on you and then cause you to end up leaking.

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    Thing is, as part of my job (I will be working sporting events) I will be wearing khaki or athletic shorts depending on the day, and wont really have a way of concealing the larger, premium diapers. So if i did use them, it would probably not be *in* the car, probably in the room as some fun nighttime play or something. I dont have a problem with holding it for long car trips, it was just a thought for having some fun on an otherwise boring drive.
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    'm looking for something you can get at a Wal-Mart or something along those lines, i.e.: walk into a store and buy them. They dont have to be a true diaper, just kind of a "something is there" feeling, and if I wanted to wet it a little, I could, is what I'm going for.

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    I wear Wellness Briefs, they are not bulky, and they can be worn for up to 12 hours. They are a little on the pricy side. A case (54) costs $79.00. I ONLY use 2 a day...

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    I would suggest the CVS brand day and night diapers. They are a decent diaper for the price and as long as you are careful with your release they will hold a good amount. They are my preferred store brand diapers.

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    Wetting while sitting is hazardous in a disposable. If you're going to limit your volume, a thin diaper will be ok though. I personally like the Totaldry Plus for daytime wear. They're quite inexpensive, capacity is low but not VERY low, they have good leak guards, and are fairly quiet. They're an all-pulp diaper so they don't swell when wet but will have a little more odor.

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    I dont wet while sitting, since I've used a grand total off 4 diapers and I'm still super nervous so I have to do it standing up, close my eyes, and think like I'm standing at a urinal. So if i wear in the car, it will just be cause i want to wear, and not wet. If I wet, it will be in my room, standing up. And most likely in the bathtub if I've drunk a lot, just in case.

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