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Thread: What's your earliest memory of being in diapers?

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    Default What's your earliest memory of being in diapers?

    Just as the title says: what is your earliest memory of being in diapers? I'm just kinda curious to see what other ABDLs can remember about it. If you can't remember then hearing about one of your earliest memories in general would be interesting too.

    For myself, I can remember laying down on the change mat in my living room and being changed, it's kinda a strange memory as it's very hazy but I can remember things like the texture of the mat and where it was in the room. I can also remember when I was old enough to be up and about, I'd hide behind the sofa if I needed to use my diaper (not really sure what that was about)

    Bonus: Thinking about this has made me recall wanting to be in diapers when I was old enough not to need them, I have a fairly vivid memory of coming downstairs one morning in my pjamas taking out an old disposable diaper that was in a cupboard and sliding it into my pjamas, up against my bum so I could feel like I was wearing it.

    So post below what memories you have

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    I don't remember anything about being in diapers, or of my potty training, despite my earliest memory taking place when I would have still been in them.

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    My earliest memory, I say I must have been about late 1 year old to late two year old. I don't think I could speak, but I don't know, as the memory is very short. Anywho
    I was walking out of a door into a hallway, when I felt the need to go number 2, so I went, and waddled down to hall, and that's about it.

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    I can remember my mom telling me to stop squirming or she'd stick me with the diaper pin. I was adopted when I was two, so it's possible I was in diapers longer than some, since I think I spent some time at an adoption orphanage. I can remember my first bedroom (from my adoptive parents). I have no memories of my first parents or the orphanage, assuming I was in one.

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    I can't really remember that far back! I have seen pictures of myself at about 1 or 2 now unless you doing being in good notes fro 8 to10 then those could count as a memory but those were disposable underpants and you all are talking about earliest memories in actual diapers so no except in pictures I can't remember that far back!

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    I remember discovering the concept of a hot coffee pot when I was around 1 1/2 years old while I was wearing a gender specific huggies.

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    I have absolutely no memory of wearing diapers, potty training, early baths, or anything else.

    I have vague memories of getting my tonsils out, nursery school play yard and some other things but that would be from about 4 or 5?

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    I can remember being changed in my room. I was lying on my bed and my mom asked if I wanted to hold the powder bottle. I was potty trained really young so i dont know how old i was when this happened....I also remember standing in my crib at my grandmother's house after waking up from a nap and waiting for her to come let me out.

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    I remember running around in pull ups in the mid and late 90's around my house. I remember going out to the store in a pull up and using it, but didn't tell my mom. I was already walking, but wasn't more than 3 years old. I remember the waddle in my diaper, and sitting in my messy diaper in my car seat. I also remember my grandparents diapering me at a young age, as well as being forced to wear at their house for years, which is what I think drew me to being a dl

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    My earliest memory of being in diapers would be sitting in my apartment, ripping open the packaging on a 2 bambino sampler and taping one on, only to have to take it off about 40 minutes later to get ready to go out to dinner with some friends, having been totally unable to use it in that time period.

    I have no actual memories of my first trip through diapers. I've seen pictures so I know what I looked like, and my parents had me in cloth my whole childhood, so I have no idea where my love for crinkly plastic disposables came from. But no actual memories at all.

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