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Thread: Wide Thighs and Pull Ons

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    Hey - I was just wondering how some of you go about putting on pull on diapers that will definitely fit waist wise but fall apart when actually pulling them on because thighs. Is there any way to alleviate thigh width? Like some kind of position to get into to put the diaper on, per se?

    I have a 30-31" waist but pretty muscly thighs.

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    What i usually do is just stretch em out before hand and loosen the material a bit then it becomes a bit easier, that and go slow.

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    though looking on the bright side, a tape-on brief is going to stay up really well for you.

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    I have wide thighs. I just smoosh them through the holes before pulling up fully. It's sort of an art, but once you get past the thighs, you are ok. lol! It's been better lately now I'm walking more. And don't put on after a shower, because wet = friction, so not after a shower. Completely dry (not even damp) skin is better for this sort of trick.

    ETA: My thighs are mostly fat though, so I think that's why smooshing works. Not sure what would happen if I were muscle-y. LOL!
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    Just stretch them between your hands before putting them on. This usually works for me as I have muscly thighs through running.

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