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    Default tattoos

    Does anyone have any tattoos, piercings?

    I have 5 tattoos, and 2 piercings besides earrings.


    1) big butterfly on my lower back not a tramp stamp
    2) a skull with roses on my upper back - my friend got murdered and he liked skulls.
    3) a four leaf clover on back of thigh -left
    4) a four leaf clover to match on back of thing -right
    5) a unique humming bird I choose - left arm below shoulder

    1) my lip pierced: a small sparkly blue gem -left side
    2) my nose pierced: a small sparkly teal gem -right side

    What about any of you? Explain

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    Just one tattoo on my waist:

    I've been meaning to get more. One of these days.

    No piercings.

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    that's cool, I like the design. Did you make that yourself or pick it out?

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    Picked it. The original design was a full standing bear. Since it was my first tattoo and being a little nervous I chose to simplify the design so I wouldn't be on the bench as long.

    I'd like something more complex next time since having a needle jabbed into my body isn't as harrowing as I thought it would be.

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    I just have one: a tattoo of a hummingbird on my ribcage. It's pretty cool, ngl. No piercings tho

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    Besides my ears being pierced, I have my lip on the right side pierced - I have a plain silver hoop in right now, since most of my lip jewelry I had didn't last long.

    And just one tattoo on the left breast, which can be seen depending on the clothing I wear.

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    that's cool

    - - - Updated - - -

    Cool we can be humming bird twins =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusBear View Post
    I'd like something more complex next time since having a needle jabbed into my body isn't as harrowing as I thought it would be.
    I felt the same way the first time wondering how bad it might be (I seriously do NOT like needles) Ya I know right? LOL
    Surprising, it didn't really hurt at all. I just couldn't watch though. So I sat there watching Brave instead, lol, Ya the irony.

    But OMG I just loved that movie! Poor girl thought I was in pain when I started crying, I'm like no its the movie.

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