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Thread: Does anyone actually enjoy buying Diapers?

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    Default Does anyone actually enjoy buying Diapers?

    I know this sounds a bit strange but I've found that lately I'm actually enjoying buying diapers and pads. Maybe it's some sort of exhibitionist thing although I've never had any tendencies like that. It's not like I run around making it obvious that I'm wearing one but some how it seems like fun to put the bags of diapers up on the counter like it's just a bag of chips. I've never had a cashier other than at a medical supply store say anything other than if I wanted them put in a bag. At the medical supply they may ask you if your sure of the size/type or if you need any other items but they've always been very professional and it's been a very comfortable situation. Maybe it's just that I'm getting so comfortable wearing them 24/7 that I've just totally accepted it as just a part of me now. My Wife and several of my good friends know I wear diapers 24/7 and they're just fine with it since they know it's basically a medical IC thing.

    Anyway, does anyone else actually enjoy buying diapers and what good experiences have you had?

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    Love it, online or in person

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    I enjoy buying them, I can admit that myself. Most of the time I enjoy buying them and sometimes get excitied. I have never bought them from a medical store, but I'm glad they treat you well. I do not have any medical problems, that cause me to wear them, but I choose to wear them. I buy mine from, mostly the cloth backed cushies. They always ship it discreet, never had a problem with them. They're always so soft and comfy. They are always so nice to write emails to keep me updated on when they ship it and stuff. I know they have changed their website, but it's still the same stuff, just no more samples. You can buy them now even more bulk, which is cool. I haven't bought any recently but I will Wednesday. I get mine through the post office, I have a p.o. box, and even then it's still discreet. They never say abuniverse on them. Just some shipping address. They come in a nice box. They are all bagged in a zip lock to close it up on top but not the zip lock bags you would think of, not the ones you would find in stores. And I reuse the bags for other things. And it never says anything on the bags. Which is cool, and underneath the bagged diapers, is your receipt on the ones you bought like you would with anything you order online. They have other ones too. imo, they are the best so far. I thought about eventually trying, but haven't gotten to it yet. But I have heard good news and bad news on reviews about on this site. But still willing to give it a try.

    Good, I am glad you have accepted you the way you are. And it's very comfortable to have someone understanding and not put it against you.

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    I love buying diapers online or in person. Either for my collection or recreational wear. There is a certain "rush" I get from looking at and deciding on the diaper/pant I want to purchase, and then comes the checkout process, which isn't too bad for me anymore, because I'm able to play it cool.

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    I still hate it. Online isn't bad, in person is still awful. Oh well, I'm still young and the internet works just fine

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    I have never bought diapers at a local store yet. I do wish to sometime to get that off my frightened list. I have bought other things like wipes, powder, baby oil, sippy cup, but never diapers. I need to just do it sometime. I don't really need to right now since I have 3 bags of Abenas and lots of cloth diapers, but maybe sometime I might just get some goodnights or something just for the thrill and maybe then I can try them.

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    I think its exciting online, but buying disposables from the stores that's nothing special for me. It is what it is.

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    There is a bit of rush still from buying in person, unfortunately most diapers available are pretty low in quality locally. Once in a while I might buy some of the prevail IB briefs that are almost more cinkly than depends. They are good if you have some boosters. The same place that has those also has a lot of PUL pants, so I tend to pick up a pair or two while there.

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    I don't enjoy going out to buy diapers or really ordering them, I guess i'm always worried that something will go wrong, what if I see someone I know when I'm buying them? What if the person at the store is nosy and asks who they're for (has never happened in the many times I've gone to buy), I always find myself looking at my phone as if I have a note on there to remind me what kind of diapers I'm supposed to be buying as if I have no idea. I always feel like store security is going to jump out and apprehend me for buying pampers.

    Whenever I order them online I worry about things like the packaging getting torn (Has happened to me once when I ordered some cuddlz! - a very small part of the grey plastic wrap was torn showing a bit of the white packaging inside, my brother answered the door on that occasion and I was worried he might have had some idea what was inside though in reality all he would have seen is some white plastic wrap)

    Urgh, I also had an incident once after odereing some abenas, the company I ordered from thought it would be a good idea to send me a catalogue for incontinence products (it was in a completely discreet white envalope but still!) I always find buying diapers to be a little stressful but the reward is always worth it.

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    Nope, no fun out of buying them.
    I used to be very self conscious buying them at first and I still am a bit now, but they are just one more item on the shopping list.

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