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Thread: Never Old to Learn two tape taping

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    Default Never Old to Learn two tape taping

    Mostly I have used ABU diapers and Good Nites, but for comfort and customer service I switched not long ago to Snuggies for my primary at this time. This meant two tapes. And I generally preferred one tape. I always taped top first, and frankly its easier that way. And I kept ignoring all the advice about taping bottom first. Then I finally switched to bottom first recently....All the sudden the tapes line up on the shiny plastic diaper zone as they are supposed to, and bad sagging incidents are greatly reduced. A snug diaper(though not overly tight) is a comfortable diaper, and makes you feel more confident wearing out. Bottom tapes further is harder to learn, but pays off with a better fit.

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    Took me some time to get used to two tapes but I love it. I usually do the top one first and make it snug around the waist and then bottom tapes to make it snug around the legs and to keep the crotch area contained. I do this with the Dependeco AIO, however.

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