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Thread: Crinklz pictures

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    Default Crinklz pictures

    Pictures of the new Crinklz ABDL/DF/BF diapers are few and far between it seems, but Rearz did get a good video up on youtube. Some people in the chat requested pics but there was almost nothing to link to, and videos don't work so well for everyone, so I got busy with some screengrabs from the video and am uploading them here.

    I can't understand why Rearz has almost no product pictures on their storefront!

    Rearz says the diaper was based on the comficare, and it looks pretty identical on the padding layout, so I'm guessing it basically IS a comficare with a different shell and tape panel.

    I also included one shot from ABDLFactory (where you can also buy Crinklz from) that shows the diaper on a model. I did this to illustrate what I see as the only "thing I'd change" - the tape panel has its own art on it, and is transparent, so it overlays on the all-over-the-shell artwork, and IMHO, makes a confusing mess. They need to just go with a transparent tape panel with no print on it (like Cushies does), OR make the tape NOT be transparent. The way it is now, it's two images overlaid on top of each other and looks pretty messed up.

    Oh, and the video, the sound on it.. assuming they didn't mess with the mic gain, "Crinklz" is going to live up to its name. You can hear these things from a mile away I bet.

    They're expensive, but it's in CA$, so buyers in the USA will see a significant drop when they go to actually ring up at the check-out. They also have a flat $25 shipping, so if you want to go wild and get several cases, it ALL ships for a total of $25. (CA$, so a fair bit less than that actually) Their case quantities are pretty small though, only three bags of 10 per case. (30 diapers)

    I also noticed in the "inside full" shot, the top leak guard seems to have some padding that is UNDER the leak guard. I seem to recall hearing someone mention this problem before. That's a bit of a design defect. I don't know if it's on one, a few, or all of them. Guess I will find out. (I bought some!)

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    $43 for 12 is just insanely expensive, i would never buy them although they do look kinda cool. Im not poor, but spending $3.5 on a single diaper is just a bit much $120 for a pack of 38 crinklz then ad on some ridiculous shipping charge, or 80$ for 48 bambino's with free shipping... i think ill stick to bambinos, crinklz is just pure highway robbery for no reason other than they can. Also what are CA$?

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    CA$ is Canadian dollar, still at $35 USD, its still pretty pricey. I'd never buy diapers that are that expensive, its why I don't do aww so cute ones either.

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    Bambinod, when you get these can you do a short review on them? I've tried the Comficares and really like them, I'm wondering if the plastic outer is going to be the same as the original? These sound very loud in the video clip I've seen, if they are the same as when comficare first came out a few years back they will be awesome!! I do love crinkly nappies!

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    Yeah I can do a quickie review on them. I actually splurged a little on them, got two "cases" (their idea of a "case" is 3 bags of 10...) to try, since I've tried the comficare and know they're a good fitting/performing diaper. Quite expensive, but this is exactly the kind of thing we should be supporting. Niche products like Snuggies and Cuddlz can't survive and grow without strong support from their small customer base. Prices will come down, but startup is expensive, and these groups rely on early adopters and early support to get off the ground. If you like their product, don't say "I'll hold off until prices come down", because if you do, they won't last long enough for prices to come down, and we'll lose a good thing.

    Also... It turns out that something of a celebrity in our circle is the artist for the diapers and the packaging. They were both done by Marci Give out the kudos!

    Marci is probably best known for doing so many furry/babyfur/diaperfur avatar commissions around these parts. I thought I recognized the work, but it was just differet enough to throw me, although a number of people more familiar with Marci's art recognized it. NDAs prevented Marci's disclosure until product release. I wonder if the diapers or packaging are signed anywhere to give credit where credit is due?

    I personally don't think anyone else could have done a better job. Marci's art is well known for being good quality, and having talent with a wide variety of different animals. (TaviMunk would have been a 2nd consideration for me, but his art can't match Marci's variety)

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    I don't think there was much of a question it was done by Marci - or at the very least by someone who's style was quite heavily copied from influenced by Marci. I saw a couple of people wonder aloud if the art wasn't stolen and it's nice to see confirmation that everything was indeed on the up and up on that front.

    I'm not a super big fan of the design (they don't look all that good when they are tapped up IMO) but it's pretty neat to see a babyfur diaper being made. Marci doing the design is just sort of fitting.

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    Default long until Marci has to make a post asking people to please not ask her sign one of their diapers?

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    Over/under 1.5 con appearances? Bets can be placed in imaginary internet points.

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    It's really not worth it for a custom printed diaper, all over permits rarely work and these will be no different. Instead of getting smudged designs, just print off some tapes and adhere them with packing tape.

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