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Thread: Babyfur printed diapers

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    Default Babyfur printed diapers

    Not really my thing, but I still haven't seen much info or discussion about the recent babyfur diapers hitting the markets so I thought I would start one.

    Any thoughts? Anyone tried them and have anything to say?

    Personally I think they look too cluttered especially on the taping area, but that is just me.

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    Here's everything I know about these diapers:

    These diapers are under the Comficare brand.

    The prints on the diaper was made by Marci McAdam(true) from being contacted by a german diaper company from what I heard a few people talking. Well it goes that this german company for the last few months has been working "in sort of" secret with her. (Thats all I know about the prints)

    I will be buying some next month so ill be doing a basic video diaper review of them letting you know how they are.

    I personally am freaking glad that somthing like this has happened as I been wanting to see happen for a long time now. My best advice about the diapers is they apear as from videos and pictures that they are in between range absorbancy of Bambino Teddy and Bambino Bellimiso. Thickness from pictures appears slightly thinner then Bellimisos. Tapes are spot on in terms of width and durability and strengh. Overall, I would give it a pre judge review of late 1990s style or in the sollid 9.0 range of my scale of "perfit diaper" with overall,style,fit,durability,absorbancy,feel,look

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    If they did a clear tape landing zone that would be an improvement. Either that or an opaque one with a different design.

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