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Thread: Paci Covers?

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    Default Paci Covers?

    I had a there a paci cover that would fit universally any Nuk 5 paci? or do I need to buy a whole new Paci just to get one with a cover? I don't want mine to get nasty lol

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    its possible but as a last resort. If I can't find anything else lol

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    do they not sell just the covers? I want a plastic protective thing that slides over the nipple part..

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    A thoroughly cleaned film canister is a good option, just squeeze the nipple (shut up Beavis!) it in and it will keep itself inside.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well I couldn't find a Nuk 5 paci I used a bottle nipple cover. It's securely in there, just not airtight but will do the job when I need to bring it with me so it doesn't get dusty/yicky..

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    I highly recommend the NIP pacifier boxes. They fit a NUK5 perfectly.*entries*=0

    Not sure if they are easily available in the USA, though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia View Post
    perhaps this might fit?
    Learn something new everyday. I didn't know they made bags for pacifiers.

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    I got a bag for 2 dollars at Dollarama for pacifiers.

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