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Thread: Just found my neice on anther ABDL site

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    Default Just found my neice on anther ABDL site

    I was on a different ABDL site and I am pretty sure I found my underage neice on it. Her profile picture is her in a very wet goodnight. Her face is blurred but it is her and her bedroom in the background. She is 17 but the profile has her as 19 and her profile name is my maiden name. I really think she needs to be more careful but don't know if I should talk to her when we are alone or just let it go.

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    Unless you two are really close, I'd probably just let it go.

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    I agree with SqueezeBox. If you two aren't close enough, then asking something like that could cause some tension between the two of you, especially if it isn't even her in the picture. Of course, if you two are close and have an understanding relationship, then you should still probably bring it up slowly as not to worry her.

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    I wouldn't explain how you know, but I would confront her about internet safety. If she's only 17. . . lying and saying she's 19 can be a bad thing. . . But I'd be absolutely 100% certain that it's her. And you need to explain to her that posting pictures of herself on the internet when she's not of age is illegal. There was a case a few months ago where a 16 year old girl got charged with possession of pedophilic content for posting pictures of HERSELF on the internet. If I ever came across a family member on a site like this or any other site that was a fetish site and they were posting inappropriate images when they were underage I'd sure as hell confront them and lay it out for them. It's not okay for someone underage to post inappropriate pictures of themselves online. Once they're 18 sure, there's nothing you can do about that, they're legally an adult by then but until she turns 18 she's endangering herself. But this is just my opinion, all of my younger relatives are 12 and younger. . . so I guess I'm a bit more bias to be concerned with the whole 'younger relative online' thing.

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    Well that must have been pretty weird like O.O wtf... But actually, a bit concerning too. Its pretty risky behaviour, but then maybe she doesn't care about that. A curly situation for you though, cause you'd clearly out yourself if you confronted her about it. Even if you randomly started talking about net safety, she could get suspicious. Does she have any risqué images on her FB? If so that could be a way of addressing this.

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    Several other responses asked what kind of relationship you have with this niece. From the fact that you can recognize her with her face blurred out as well as the fact that you recognize her bedroom, I'd glean that she is a pretty close one indeed. Probably you and her mother/father are solid and have visited each other often while the kids have grown up?

    As to what you should do, there are things to consider:

    First, you must know that you would almost definitely be outing yourself if you spoke with her, no matter how carefully you attempted to couch it. She is 17; she's not a small child who can't see through subterfuge. So unless you are prepared to out yourself to her you have no real options at all. That being said, though, there are a few other things to think of:

    ** That profile name, your maiden name: if it is her mother's maiden name, well...maybe, but if it is her actual family name, she is not being very cautious, is she? Especially with such a recognizable photo?
    ** Is there anything risqué about the pic? Do you know if she has posted anything compromising elsewhere? She seems a bit oblivious to what might follow her; maybe a bit of searching on your part wouldn't hurt. I know, I know: it seems uncomfortable to, in essence, cyberstalk your niece. But all you would really be doing is looking out for her. She's seventeen, not all that far away from a time when bad choices in this area could come back to haunt her. Besides, the chances are she is fine: I mean I have not done any studies, but from what I have observed, ABDLs don't tend to be excessive exhibitionists. (Someone should do that study.)
    ** Is she the kind of kid who would take it overboard? I mean would she be likely to agree to meet someone she does not know from the web? A full body pic of a 17-year-old girl baby can make for enticing material for certain not too savory types.
    ** Have you read her posts on that site? It is not an invasion of privacy: it is a public forum. What is she looking for?

    Consider all of this carefully before you decide. Again, she is probably completely fine. But I do question her judgment in this matter, so Auntie: it's up to you.

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    I think Kerry has said it best but I'm a word it a little differently though I think it's more or less the same thing. This really comes down to what really is doing the right thing. Again though, Kerry has said it far better than I could've ever thought of wording it.

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    I personally would be far more concerned with the fact that she is posting such selfies of herself on the internet, risque or not. If she has any hopes as to her future job prospects, it would be wise to advise her of controlling what she posts online. When facebook first came into vogue there were people who lost their jobs and students who were essentially kicked out of some very prestigious schools over what they posted online. That time may be past, but those events shed light onto what lengths prospective employers go to find out who you really are. For the line of work I'm receiving education in, a motto I've adopted goes as follows: Assume they found it, whatever it is. If they don't ask about it, they don't care about it.

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    Really a rather simple solution that hasn't been mentioned. Even simpler if YOUR profile and/or pic on that site doesn't out you. Start up a conversation with her, via that site. Either PMs, or messages, or whatever that site uses. You can find out very quickly if it is in fact her, which seems likely but you'd want to be sure before you went any further. And, if it is in fact her you could point out that she's putting herself out on the internet in a way that isn't very safe. One, she isn't an adult and is posting as someone older than herself. And two, that she is taking quite a risk of exposing something to people that she really doesn't want them exposed to.

    What you do from that point is totally up in the air. If she asks who you are, how you know those things, you can answer however you're comfortable. I would most likely start with, "The world is a small place, the internet makes it smaller." or something along those lines. Could then go into the fact that she isn't alone in the world, or this country, or even her own area... Someone she knows is an ABDL, the person she's talking with, is and ABDL and recognizes her and/or her room. You could do that without outing yourself. Or, if the timing and comfort level IS right, let her know its you. If you're close, I think it would be safe to say a 17 year old would LOVE to have someone close to them to talk with. I know for damn sure I wish I did when I was that age.

    Just ideas, I wish you and your niece the best of luck.

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    If the site is 18+, could (and probably should) report her, especially if concerned. Won't stop her from going elsewhere but also can't hurt *shrugs*

    If it isn't her actual last name, and the blur job is well done, I'd say it seems she is trying to be somewhat careful. Doing the best job of it? Not at all, but shows some understanding/attempt of caution.

    If it's just a name thing, could send a mail on the site acting as a concerned random person (assuming your profile isn't too obvious it is you). Something like, "Hey, saw you were new and wanted to give some advice. Your name looks like a last name, which isn't a good idea with the creepers that hang around looking to take advantage of stuff like that. You should try to change it (maybe suggest something if the profile has anything about likes/hobbies)."

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