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Thread: A re-introduction, of sorts.

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    Default A re-introduction, of sorts.

    Hello everyone.
    I am fifigal. I have been away for quite sometime now, but I would like to come back to the flock, so to speak. Here is a short excerpt from my original introduction to ADISC. It was not a very good intro. at all, but it still does give a quick over-view of who I am

    " I am feeling shy and nervous, not sure what I should say. In grown-up words, I am an Adult Little Girl. In my heart and soul, I feel this way all of the time, even though I am not able to outwardly express my true self to the general public, or even my family and close friends. People scare me, they can be so mean and hateful. I love dressing-up in pretty clothes. Frilly dresses with very full skirts and thick, fluffy petticoats, tights and frilly ankle socks, mary-jane shoes, and ribbons and bows from head to toe. Sometimes, when I am a " big, 4 or 5 year old girl ", I wear rhumba-style or sissy little girl's ruffled panties all by themself, but usually, I wear cloth diapers, with the appropriately girlish plastic panties and ruffled diaper-cover panties. Dressing like this is not sexually exciting to me, it just feels right and natural for me to dress this way. Now days, I am almost completely devoid of any sexual feelings at all concerning the clothing I love to wear... "

    Fifigal is transgendered, I am biologically male, but have always known that inside, I am a female. Fifigal is strolling through the Winter of her life. More than ever, each new day is a blessing, one to be lived to it's fullest. I still love reading, and learning, and trying new things, but I am also trying to ready myself for my exit from this world. I am looking forward to greeting the wonders of the here-after.

    I am glad to see so many familiar faces are still here, and all of the new members as well. I have so very much to catch up on, but I will try to read as many of your previous posts as I can, and find out what you good people have been up to while I've been away. Wishing all of you the very best. Take care.

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    Hi fifigal and welcome back. I do remember you and I'm sure you remember me. So yeah, I'm still here. I'm glad you're back and I hope you enjoy being here. It's still an active place.

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    Hi Boobybird89, it is nice to meet you,too.
    Hi Dogboy. Yes, I remember you well, and fondly. I am sure I will enjoy being back.

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