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Thread: Well, I've finally come to the conclusion of who I am.

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    Question Well, I've finally come to the conclusion of who I am.

    Hello, Fellow AB/DLs, I've come to the conclusion I'm transgender, I'm a female, I'm a very sensitive female, the smallest things can make me upset, the more i think the more I feel as if I should have a female body, and my male body feels awkward, I'm transgender and proud of it, I'm a female and that makes me happy that I've come to this conclusion, I've discovered who I am, I'm a girl, I love the color pink, I like girly diapers and girly clothes, they make me feel like the girl I'm supposed to be.

    Every time I see another girl who looks more prettier then me, I get jealous, and sad, I wish I had a body like that, I even fantasize about being that pretty and having a body just like theres, :'(

    Ever since I was young, I used to sometimes play barbie with my sister, I know that's weird, I've always been attached to diapers, no clue why, just have been.

    So, I'm transgender, I'm a female, I'm a AB/DL, I accept who I am, and I'm proud of who I am, At first i thought I was both male and female, but I've finally worked out, that I'm just a female.

    YAY, So I'm announcing I'm a girl.

    Though, I should announce this, let people know.

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    Aww, congratulations! It's awesome that you finally have this clarity. Gender identity questions are never easy to deal with (though I'm not transgender, I did question it for awhile). So having this answer must be amazing, and you sound quite thrilled, too!

    Be sure to stick around here, as we have an awesome community of trans people and other people who don't quite follow the 'rules' of gender. It may also be good to find a trans-specific support group online, to help you decide where to go from here.

    I'm really happy for you that you've discovered this about yourself though! Good luck with everything that follows, and be sure to keep us posted!

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    Aww, thank you

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    Congratulations on this important epiphany! Have you considered what it will mean for you going forward?

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    Not entirely sure yet, I'm considering on getting some girly stuff like dresses and skirts and do cross dressing for a little while.

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    I am happy that you are happy with your realization. I can't imagine how stressful that must be...

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    Not always easy to say things like this, to come out.
    Tho its great when you can be who you are on the inside.

    Always nice to hear when others can be who they really are.
    I wish the best for you

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    Congrats on figuring out your identity! Now you can move forward knowing who you are without worrying about the confusion you might have gone through for so long

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