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Thread: Frozen goodnites

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    Default Frozen goodnites

    Omg so cute

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    Thanks For looking what do you think I ❤ LOVE ❤them

    They fit nice on me. The can handle 1.5 wetting and dont ride down when wet .Each pack has two different designs, On the back of the Anna print it has Anna written and on the back of the Elsa it has Elsa but on the ones with both it has nothing. They are soft like all drynites. I JUST LOVE THEM

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    Wow so are these in the UK?

    Edit, why does 'Straya get all the good stuff, humph

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    ❤I dont know sorry❤

    But I think depending on the popularity of Frozen In the UK they might come

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    I really doubt it, those are the first drynites I've seen with licenced designs, all huggies lines for anz are totally unique now

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    These aren't in the UK, well I haven't seen these since I last bought diapers 2 weeks ago. Frozen is very popular all over the world, just surprised they never made pull ups or drynites with these on them when there was more hype. However there is a Frozen 2 coming out.

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    They look amazing

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    Love to see those in XL....

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    OK, I am officially old lol...

    Saw the subject line "Frozen Goodnites" and wondered why anyone would want to put them in the freezer.

    I will get back to my knitting and crossword puzzles now...

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    I thought meant literally frozen. LOL.

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