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Thread: how do i stop diapers from sagging

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    Default how do i stop diapers from sagging

    so i got a few snuggies ad i like them alot they are cute but they sag so easily just a small wetting or a few drops and the whole thing starts to sag i am not a big fan of sagging diapers and i want to know if i can find a way to stop diapers from sagging

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    I haven't worn snuggies, but sometimes the way you tape can help a ton. I tape the top tapes down and the bottom tapes pointing up. Also experiment with different levels of snugness. You could always duct tape them on too. If you don't mind wearing a onesie, those help a lot with sagging as well.

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    I actually kind of like it. Usually the most sag reducing, for me, is to tape the front of the diaper a little lower, the back a little higher, bottom tapes down, top tapes up

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    I wear a babygrow or popper vest you mite know it better as. I had the same sagging problems which then ment leaks. I first got a babygrow from a website called cuddlz and haven't looked back.

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    @Matty and Paci Pilot: The tip on the direction the tapes face will prove useful. Though Paci I tend to agree with you I kind of like it My best suggestion if these two are saying the same thing is to give it a shot and see what happens

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    ty guys for all the comments

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    I use diaper covers over my disposables and that helps a lot with sagging.

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    normally the upper tapes around the beltline keep the diaper up, but when its heavy and wet, you need to be fastening the lower tapes a little firmer around your legs, and aiming the upper tapes slightly downward in the front. keep in mind if your diaper has sap it will swell and that will take in some slack. If you start out too tight you'll pop a tape when your diaper starts to swell.

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    Laugh all you want but womens panties over your diaper will both stop the sagging and help keep the diaper tight against your body to prevent leaks, i stumbled across this little trick when I picked up what I thought were the fixing pants for my abri san pads turns out they were the only pair of white granny panties my wife owns! So yeah its weird but it works great!

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    As a guy who wears his pants around his hips and not his true waist and has a few extra inches around said waist, I've run into this problem too. I have tried the tape fix mentioned above and it does help some. In the end, I'm still hoping for a low-rise dip with people more my shape in mind. You can't everything, though, where would you put it?

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