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Thread: best thing to bring to the movie theater

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    Default best thing to bring to the movie theater

    I want to go see Age of Ultron after work tonight and I am feeling little. Hoping for some advice on what to bring to a movie when you go alone.

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    Well...Are you going to wear some padding? How about a ring pop? It's like a paci but no one will comment on it. Bring a super hero figure if you have one.

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    I've sucked my thumb in a movie theater before, but I was in the empty back row. I imagine it's going to be busy on a Friday night, so I don't think you could get away with too much babyish behavior... Maybe a small stuffed animal, you could stick in your pocket or bag until you get situated?

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    Yeah, if I was going alone, I would probably bring a small stuffed animal so I didn't have to feel alone. It is an awesome movie, so you will enjoy it anyway.

    I'd probably bring a drink too, and a good diaper, because I just always do that

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    I haven't worn or bought diapers in six months. It might be possible but idk if I will. Maybe I'll do some lollipops or something. I dunno. But it'll be super fun no matter what. Padding may be a necessity, knowing myself.

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    Well, I've never gone on my own, but I usually just take a few beers, and maybe some non-crunchy, cinema-friendly delectables of the tasty variety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    non-crunchy, cinema-friendly delectables of the tasty variety.
    This is nice to read. I can't stand when people eat loud food in the cinema.

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