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    Well, I recently got myself tickets to a coldplay concert, which I had absolutely no idea was coming to Australia. So I'm rather excited, since I've always wanted to see them.

    I'm just wondering if others have ever been to their favorite band's concert, how was it, any memorable experiences, etc.... and if not, who would you love to go see in concert?

    (also, on an unrelated note, I had no idea that coldplay released a few more singles until yesterday when I saw an instrumental ending track of theirs on Video Hits, and wondered why the hell they were playing a track without lyrics. Turns out they've finished some songs they didn't complete in time for their last album. booyeah!)

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    When I was 13, I was really into Alanis Morissette and her "Jagged Little Pill" CD, and I wanted to see her in concert more than anything, but I never could. So when she came to my city last September, I got tickets. It wasn't bad, and she did do some of her old stuff from my teen angst days, but I'm sure if I'd seen her when she was really big it would've been much more exciting for me.

    I haven't been to that many concerts for one reason or another -- usually it's not someone who I want to see enough to pay for it, or I don't find out that someone I like is in town until the day of. But the ones with less-famous bands in smaller venues, which are cheaper anyway, are always more fun to me than the big drunkfests at large expensive venues.

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    I've seen quite a few concerts: Kings Of Leon I've seen a bunch of times, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bloc Party, The Young Knives (twice), LCD Soundsystem, and other lesser known bands...

    A few of those were at a music festival though. The best gigs are in the small venues, so much better.

    Memorable gigs were:
    1) Kings Of Leon at Blackpool, where the crowd were so rough that they knocked down the barrier and KOL had to go off stage. Then the lead singer came back on and actually had to speak to the crowd and ask them to move backwards.
    This gig was also significant because it was the first proper violent gig I'd seen. I was there with my parents...

    ... and it really restored their faith: violence hasn't left music!

    2) Kings Of Leon at Leeds '07. This is only time I've ever feared dying at a gig! No comment on the music being played, as I couldn't hear it! People were being knocked over, and in that massive crowd it was bloody dangerous! I had to help my friend up too, and I really mean 'I had' because there was no getting up otherwise.

    3) RHCP at Leeds '07. Got right to the very front of the massive crowd! And had to be helped over the barrier to avoid being crushed.

    Who do I want to see? The Killers! And I shall be very soon.
    Unfortunately in a big arena, but luckily in the standing bit right near the front!

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    I have yet to go to a concert. I would like to go to a Coldplay one though, but I would definitely love to go to a Killers one.

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    Well most of the concerts here in Hawaii and the island i used to live on, (maui) were mainly local artists. Most of them were really good, but the only other ones i went to see were, Hot Hot Heat, Switchfoot, The Plain White T's, and Matisyahu.

    My favorite was probably the switchfoot concert, i got my first boobie show there! :P

    Just some random girl who happened to crowd surf near us and threw her bra..somewhere. XD

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    Woo Coldplay! They're great. Have fun!

    I've never been to an "official" concert. I've been dying to see Avenged Sevenfold, though.

    Figz and I WERE gonna go to the Taste of Chaos tour last spring, but we got hit by a serious blizzard and were snowed in for four days. That's major suckage right there.

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    I have seen,

    Amy Grant (took my mom for Mother's Day, this was SEVERAL years ago)
    Lifehouse/Everclear/Matchbox 20 (headliner) which was also a Mother's Day present

    Weird Al Yankovic twice, fun shows.
    Gov't Mule w/ Umphrey's McGee
    Gov't Mule w/ Tea Leaf Green

    I would love to go see R.E.M, Presidents of the United States of America, GWAR, RHCP, and Queens of the Stone Age in concert.

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    I can't even begin to count the number of concerts I've been to. I think probably over 300. Granted, many of them were repeats -- I've seen Andrew W.K. about twelve times, Rammstein about four, KMFDM some ungodly amount, Billy Joel a few, and so on and so forth. I used to go to concerts every Friday. There was a place down in Virginia hosted some really great metal concerts every weekend. Gave me the chances to see Morbid Angel, Zyklon B, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Iced Earth (who all look like The Undertaker), In Flames, Hate Eternal (who, despite their name, are genuinely wonderful guys, Erik Rutan especially), and ... God, the list goes on. And on. And on.

    I've outgrown concerts at this point. I would much rather stay at home and enjoy the music on a CD unless I'm the one playing the concert, at which point ... well, there's nothing better than being in the venue, being loud, and destroying.

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    Been to probably 40 ish. I live shows, one of my favorite things in the world actually

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    probably the most memorable concerts i've been to were the times i got to see elliott smith before he died. i was a raving elliott smith fanboy when i was a teenager and i had a girlfriend who was even more into him than me. we went to see him at yoyoagogo in 1999; it was an amazing show that has since gone down in history.

    i remember that feeling where you're waiting outside the venue, freezing cold and choking on people's cigarette smoke, and you can't believe you're actually about to be standing in the presence of this performer who you revere and idolize. i think it's something you can only experience as a teenager; i don't idolize people that way anymore.

    another band i used to be really into was low. i've been to a few of their concerts and got a similar feeling from it. i've seen a lot of more well-known artists as well -- people they play on the radio and such -- but somehow the larger venues don't have that same sense of breathless excitement. there's something about being packed into a dark garage with 60 or 70 screaming people that can't be replicated in an arena or a stadium.

    i hardly ever have time for shows anymore. sometimes i go see my friends perform at house shows. i also work at a venue that gives concerts. and occasionally one of my friends can talk me into going to see someone big and exciting in seattle.

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