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Thread: Never ordering diapers from Target again. . .

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    Default Never ordering diapers from Target again. . .

    So I ordered a case of 34 goodnites from Target, and this is the package I received:

    What makes this even worse is, no, it wasn't packaged, that was legitimately the entire box they sent (Which isn't a box they are allowed to ship, shipping boxes need to be completely sealed.)

    It's even worse because my Dad was the one who got the door when the UPS guy arrived, this normally isn't a problem as stuff is discrete, but seriously. I'm just glad I have parents who frankly don't give a shit when it comes to this stuff.

    I fully plan on writing a letter of grievance to target about this. While I don't bedwet or anything, the product itself is meant to be discrete, so I plan on asking 'how would you feel if your child bedwet and you ordered these for them and it came like this and was just left on your front porch open to the world?"

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    I once got a box of pampers delivered to my door from Amazon and it was not discrete. But they were size one diapers luckily and I didn't order them, someone did and I never knew who.

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    Shipping boxes of diapers like that is fairly routine. It's a case, it's perfectly capable of being shipped like that. Amazon ships cases of diapers by themselves every time I've ordered them. Same thing for cases of wipes. I haven't ordered a case of diapers from yet, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to get an unwrapped case from them. The only time I have ever received diapers inside an outer large discrete box is either bags of baby diapers or cases of adult diapers. In most cases, the latter is still the exact same outer box used to begin with, not some special box to hold the inner bags that make up the case.

    Think about it, it's a waste of a business's money to put one box, that is durable enough to go through shipping and doesn't contain anything fragile, inside another box with additional packing material. The outer box costs money, as does the packing material. And shipping gets more expensive as the size of a box increases. Unless the business explicitly says they ship diapers discretely you really should expect a case of diapers to arrive like that.

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    What covvie says makes sense. I can see why that would be distressing but I don't think it's reasonable to expect a company like Target to provide discreet shipping of what is, as far as they're concerned, a really run of the mill product. This is one of the big reasons why the specialty suppliers get most of the ABDL business.

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    I don't know if this is just the way the US deals with things but here in Canada, that wouldn't have been shipped like that. At the very least, it would have been put into slightly larger box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarity View Post
    Well yeah what did you expect?
    I expected it to be like the last 4 or 5 times I ordered from them, all of the previous times I've ordered these cases from target they were boxed up in special shipping boxes. I've come to expect a certain level of service from Target after dealing with them for several transactions, same with walmart and amazon, they have all ALWAYS boxed things in a bigger box. This is the first time it's happened and frankly it's going to be the last.

    -How would you all feel it attends or bambinos or any other sort of adult diaper case that was clearly marked was left on your FRONT PORCH, OPEN TO THE WORLD, and your PARENTS got the box?- I don't think any one of you would be happy.

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    Though the packaging would be subject to possible shipping damage, the product itself (the diapers) are very unlikely to be damaged in shipment, due to not being even slightly fragile, and relatively lightwegith. Also cosidering the low cost of the product and low markup you paid, it doesn't make sense for them to box it unless there's some additional circumstances. (like the customer paying extra for discrete shipping)

    I doubt any parent would want to pay more for discrete shipping of diapers for their child. (though some older children may object if they're embarassed about their bedwetting and don't want the neighbor kids to know!) Adult diapers OTOH have a much more significant chance of wanting to be shipped discretely. (they also cost a lot more to replace if damaged in shipment, and the big increase in weight greatly increases the odds of damage)

    If you wanted discrete shipping, you'd either need to order them from somewhere that specifically guarantees it, or order a larger quantity. (like a case.. of 8 or whatever those come in) The cases for those are probably made to be unit-cases inside protective pallates so they're made of very thin posterboard cardboard (like a large case of baby diapers), not suitable for shipping, and would have to get double-boxed anyway to survive shipping.

    Next time you go to try this, I'd suggest running your idea by us here to see what the concensus is on whether or not it's going to be shipped discrete. (we get asked that sort of question here pretty frequently)

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