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Thread: How long does it take you...?

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    Default How long does it take you...?

    Ok, as an aside note from the when do you shower thread, I was just wondering how long it takes everyone to get ready, from having a shower to being ready to go (out, or to bed)?

    I can shower/bath, shave legs and underarms, dry and staighten hair and get dressed in 18 minutes, with the two minutes left from twenty to run around the house trying to find a cereal bar for breakfast/my purse/keys/phone/school books/anything else I've lost since the night before.

    What about everyone else?

    Oh btw, I'm a girl, it might help to specify that if you reply. (mainly because im interested!)

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    I've never timed myself but I would guess at about 8 minutes since I don't have to shave (beard) and I know where my keys are at all times (anal-retentive)

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    I don't shower in the morning but from getting out of bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast (usually an orange or cereal bar) and getting my stuff togeather is about 15 and then i'm out the door.

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    If I actually have to be somewhere, then I'll take a shower for...At least 10-20 minutes, then I'll sit in my room doing nothing for a couple minutes. I'll finally get up and put on my clothes and leave in like 5 minutes. If I don't have anywhere to be, then it could take over an hour to get out of bed, I'll then go on the computer for another hour to a couple hours. If I feel like taking a shower, then I'll take a 15min or so one. Then I'll put on clothes and leave my room.

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    8min shower (average, on a work day) + 2min after shower drying, etc + 2min brushing teeth + 3min shaving(if I shave that morning) + 2min getting dressed / finding clothes = ...

    17 minutes... and yet I'm still usually late for work! >_<

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    I usually shower at night, and I'm supposed to be at work (which is right down the street) by 8, so this is how my morning goes:
    6:30: alarm goes off, hit snooze button twice
    6:50 concede defeat and get out of bed
    6:50-7:15: Feed the cats, make/consume breakfast, which is usually cereal or oatmeal and a banana, make/consume coffee, finish making lunch
    7:15-7:30: Continue drinking coffee, pick out clothes to wear and get dressed while petting cat
    7:30-7:50: Finish coffee, brush teeth, do hair, apply makeup
    7:50: Grouse about no matter how daggone early I get up I'm still always late, put shoes and coat on, walk/catch bus/bug boyfriend for ride to work

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    If I'm including a shower...

    20 minutes for a shower, 15 minutes to shave, 15 minutes to blow-dry hair, 10 minutes to style hair, 10 minutes for make-up, and 15 minutes to get dressed.

    If I showered the night before, just 10 minutes to style hair, 10 minutes for make-up, and 15 minutes to get dressed.

    So generally - it takes me about an hour and a half - half hour to get ready.

    Although there is all the wait time in between, I usually give myself 2.5hrs to get ready to go somewhere, at least two hours...

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    If I wake up of my own accord, about 20 minutes. If I'm woken up, I'm not right for ages so one hour plus.

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    If I'm in a hurry, I can shower in 4 minutes and brush my teeth in 1, and pull on clothes in 1.

    So, in "panic mode" - 6 minutes, but I'll be fuzzy.

    If I am not in an especially big hurry, I'll shower for 15 minutes, brush my teeth and shave in the shower, and spend a few minutes finding and pulling on clothes. Say about 20 minutes, maybe 25 if I'm luxuriating in the shower (if it's COLD outside, or if I have an idea I want to develop in the shower).

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    It takes me around 20 to 25 minutes from when I wake up and until I get dressed and have my breakfast. I have to do the 3 Ss S***, Shower and Shave. Then get dressed and eat breakfast and then its off to work. On most mornings I check my Emails from over night too. On the weekends I am not in a big hurry to hit the shower(rain locker) so I usually remain in my wet night diapers for a while after getting out of bed.

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