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Thread: Cross Dressing and stuffs

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    Default Cross Dressing and stuffs

    Well, as you know, I love diapers and I love cross dressing, I'm wondering what type of clothes I should try when I move out, and how would I go about "finding the right size"

    I have tired bras, and panties, they are really awesome, anyways

    What types of clothes should I try, and how would I find the right size, since things like dresses are made for men

    also, what is it like to wear a dress, does it make you feel more girly, underwear seems to do that for me, makes me feel like a little girl on the inside, I know its weird, but I'm getting used to who I am, I also like bras I feel like I'm supposed to have, something there if you get what I'm saying, trying to keep this PG you know, I kinda feel weird being a male sometimes, I feel like I'm supposed to have other body parts.

    also does anyone else enjoy cross dressing? I find it rather good and enjoyable.

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    I don't wear bras, because LG dont. However I love dressing as a LG when family is not around, it definitely makes you feel sissy with a pre-teen dress and diaper on! But you will find that there are some sleeveless type nighties that are princes or pink will fit as well as LG socks as long as you buy the largest sizes you can. Otherwise shopping on Ebay for LG clothing works. I also found larger size leggings work as well. Sometimes I prefer to see the diaper, but other times covering up completely including those hairy legs is desirable.

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    I too like to cross-dress. Sometimes I cross-dress as a little girl and other times as a grown woman. Like diapers, cross-dressing helps me relax and I do enjoy it.

    To find a size that would fix you, look at some internet stores that sell women's clothing and check out their size charts. Then you can go to a store and know what size to try first. I find that this only gives me an approximate idea of the size. You simply have to try the dress on to be sure it fits. In the US, men's clothing sizes are pretty uniform but women's is not. Not sure about where you live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    I find that this only gives me an approximate idea of the size.
    That doesn't even begin to describe it
    Even knowing your exact or best size its still a crap shoot. LOL!
    General "store" size charts vary slightly from store to store.
    Different clothing brands (and sometimes diff lines within that brand) use their own size charts. So if the store chart says you're a Med, you may be a Small or a large in certain brands.
    Now, you would expect Brand sizes to be pretty consistent right? Wrong!
    Sizes vary depending on which country the clothes are made in.
    Sometimes, the sizes vary by color!
    I bought some colored jeans, all from the same store, on the same day.
    They were all made in the same country, and the colors were consistent meaning they were most likely all from the same batch, plus they had just come out too.
    I got 4 colors Blue, Pink, Purple and Black., all in "my jean size" so I figured they all would fit the same, right? HA! I wish! I ended up returning three of the colors for being to big or to small. I ended up with EACH COLOR jean being a different size!

    I don't mind wearing clothes marked FOUR sizes bigger then I am. Said No Girl Ever!

    So you have three options.
    Order online and cross your fingers it fits like its supposed to.
    Go to a store with a size in mind, buy it, hope it fits when you home.
    Go to a store with a size in mind, try it on, I'd suggest grabbing not your size, but a size up and down too (this is for numbered sized clothes), if its Sm, Med, Lrg grab your size and a size up. A lot of clothes tend to run small more then run big.
    It saves trips to the dressing room Buy your correct size, go home happy.

    Now I know some of you are probably thinking like - I cant try them on in the store!!!
    So then tell me, whats worse?
    Buying it online then having to go the store anyways to exchange it. Plus you just spend money on shipping your NOT getting back and had to wait for it too!
    Go to the store, grab random close size, have to go back to exchange it.

    So whats more annoying or embarrassing to you?
    Having to go back again and go through the exchange process.
    Or just pulling your big girl panties up and getting it right the first time!

    - - - Updated - - -

    PS: I ended up returning ALL those jeans because they just annoyed me and on principle because of the crazy sizing.

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    CROSS DRESSING 101 - Part 2.0

    May I add one MOST IMPORTANT thing - USE a TAPE MEASURE !

    Know your own measurements:

    HEAD GEAR - (YMMV but generally men's are greater than size 7.1/4 - women's less than that point - smaller sizing leaves less crown room inside
    the hat or cap beret etc.)
    NECK/COLLAR - (exact circumference around neck - no slack)
    CHEST/BUST - (distance from underarm sleeve to opposite underarm sleeve x 2 = chest)
    SLEEVE LENGTH - (distance from shoulder seam to elbow or wrist)*
    * Cap sleeves 2-4 inches/"T" Shirts 4-6/7 inches/Polo shirts equal or a tad longer/ 3/4 sleeves not common in men's wear/
    {Ragland Sleeve long sleeve shirt with panel starting at neck band going down to just about the elbow
    usually found in sweaters} - women's sleeves are generally shorter than mens)
    EMPIRE WAIST - (roughly the elastic band at the bottom of a bra - 3-4 inches above navel)*
    * use this for short baby dresses - waist does not inhibit changing diapers )
    WAIST - (navel aka KILTED waist - standard kilts are 24 inches knee on floor to belly button)
    LOW WAIST - (where your jeans fit best {Maybe?})
    HIPS - (widest part of the gluteus maximus - men 2-4 inches below waist - women could be 10 inches unless you are KIM K or Nicki M then maybe 15+)
    RISE - (distance from bottom crotch seam to the top of the front waist band)*
    * unless wearing a gaff or compression undergear need more than 9 inches otherwise pubic zone exposure may be a problem YMMV
    ** also check that there is enough REAR RISE to prevent CRACK exposure
    INSEAM - (distance from crotch bottom seam to hem of pants/trousers/capris/bermudas/shorts/short shorts)
    CROTCH - (distance across the narrowest portion of a panty/diaper cover/swim wear - allow room for equipment containment)
    HEM LENGTH - (used for skirts and dresses - distance from waist band to bottom of skirt hem - with dresses important to determine
    whether the measurement is off the neck collar/shoulder seam/or where ever the point of measurement is taken - ask ???s to get
    it right on)
    THIGH - (circumference around the thigh in relation to the crotch bottom seam)
    ANKLE - (have big ankles tight fitting pants may pose a problem getting past this point)
    FOOTWEAR - (go to a big shoe store and request to use the Bannock measuring device - there is one each for men women and children
    use the men's and then the women's noting the sizing numbers on the scale and then to know that the approximately conversion sizing
    is I.E. for a men's 9.5 =s a women's 11. Go to the Payless shoe website and browse further for the conversion chart noting the sizing
    for the USA UK and other international locations - Note also the WIDTH of the foot women's normally are a "B" "M" or perhaps a "C"
    indicating a narrow foot {the Bannock device will give you this information} for men normally a "D" width or even wider "E" - heeled
    (high heels) will give an exaggerated measurement trend lightly here LOL !)

    There are a lot of features of how clothing fits when the material is stretchable
    with material such as lycra. How the clothing fasten with buttons; zippers;
    wrap over aprons using Velcro or straps like with kilts and even then some
    requiring a belt to hold things in place. Having a ridged waist line with a
    zipper closing limits the sizing but add an elastic panel and the sizing can very
    well be variable to fit two or three sizes larger - but in reality will it look as
    good as the original size ? With some clothing a tailor or seamstress can do
    wonders by incorporating a dart (reducing size) or a pleated panel (increasing).
    Then again the cost of such adjustments/alterations may not be
    in your best interests - estimates and fantasy ideas are generally FREE but
    the actual work and materials not !
    Nothing holding Dreams back - dream on !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyBear View Post
    That doesn't even begin to describe it
    Very true. I just didn't want to scare cozycandyfly too much

    Like you, I have found that the printed size is only good to know that one item is larger or smaller than another of the same style, type and manufacture and not worth much more than that. I try to try on all clothing at the store (I am getting better at not being scared to do that) to verify that the size is correct.

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    I love to cross-dress and I regularly wear panties out and around in public. I love to dress and play as a little girl too who needs her diapers.
    Besides bras and panties you could try getting things like shirts, pants/shorts and skirts. You can try them on in the store or look a sizing charts online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I love to cross-dress and I regularly wear panties out and around in public. I love to dress and play as a little girl too who needs her diapers.
    Besides bras and panties you could try getting things like shirts, pants/shorts and skirts. You can try them on in the store or look a sizing charts online.
    Skirts sound nice, do you wear girly diapers with the skirts? what are they like?

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    With being so comfortable with my pronounced sense and feelings of femininity, I adore spending as much time as possible dressed in feminine underthings. Regardless of the fact that I missing a couple of important parts and have the wrong parts I still feel very sexy and female when I am wearing any one of those lovely little bits and pieces of lingerie. At the very least I wear panties and a cami inside my "boy" clothes as I go about my daily public shopping and chores. There is such a vast array of pretty underthings to choose from, whether online, your favorite department store, and even thrift stores.

    Sizing is always a fun issue especially when it comes to bras and outer clothing. But there are quite a few online sits that have charts and things to help you take your "boy" measurements and transform to "girl" measurements. And trust me, you will make sizing boo-boos but you learn to remember that and carry on.

    While I seem to have my "girl" sizing down to a pretty good science, I have of late been letting that LG part of me escape and enjoy a bit of freedom, and that has been creating some sizing issues for me. The LG inside me is likened to a preteen girl but needs to wear diapers all the time. "She" needs pretty nightie things and stuff to wear to make her feel better about the diaper issue.

    Ahhhh, sizing can be so much fun, and so very much a part of being a crossdresser and/or femboi

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozycandyfly View Post
    Skirts sound nice, do you wear girly diapers with the skirts? what are they like?
    I wear just about any diaper with my skirt but I do prefer girly diapers over any other diapers that I wear.
    I like to wear my skirt mainly because I like how it feels when it brushes against my legs and it gives easy access to my diapers when I wear them.

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