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Thread: Adisc Weight Loss Challenge

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    Default Adisc Weight Loss Challenge

    Welcome to my third thread. Today's topic is healthy weight loss.

    History: My peak weight in life was 293 pounds. I weigh 238 pounds today.

    The challenge: Lose 5 pounds in one month if you are overweight.

    The catch: You must eat healthily and not sacrifice food.

    Are you up for it?

    What will you do?

    Remember, this is a team effort. We can help and encourage each other to live healthier lives.
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    I need to drop a bit myself. My plan is to walk to and from school once the weather is nice (it's getting that way here now, thankfully). That will give me about 5 miles round trip each day. I've found walking does wonders for weight loss.

    And yeah, I'll probably restrict myself to around 2000 Cal/day.

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    If I were to drop much weight you wouldn't hardly see me when turned sideways. I weighed less than 120 (lbs) when graduating from HS, went as high as 150 while in my '40s, and now maintain about 145 lbs at 5'-8" high. My waist has only increased from a 30 to a 32 over all these years. I could use a little weight re-distribution though. Men tend to get a little belly later in years no matter what their weight. I'm no exception, and really need to exercise my stomach area to get it down a bit.


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    I was the same way, OP. My max last summer was about 290. I'm about 215 now.

    The trick is...there is no trick. Taking in fewer calories then you expend is the only way to lose fat. Simple as that. The way to lose weight is to maximize caloric expenditure while minimizing caloric intake, but not to the point your body goes into starvation mode.

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    When I entered HS I was 230. I started walking about an hour a day and I didn't change what I was eating I just changed how much and watched my portion size. Doing that I was donw to 206 in about 2 months. I currently weigh 216. My doctor says I should be between 180-190, so I will try and shoot for 185-190. If I can do that it will really be a milestone because I have not been under 200 since I was 13.

    Since walking helped me last time I will do the same this time. I will walk to school 2 days a week and walk home 3-4 days a week. It's 2 miles from my house to my school so I would be walking as much a 4 miles some days. Wish me luck.

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    Sometime in High School I was over 200 (not by too much, but enough). Since I've started work in late July/early August, I started losing weight. I just checked, and right now I'm 182.5lbs.

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    I'm 123 now.. I think I'll sit out this challenge but good luck to you all.

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    Im going to start walking more im up for it, I gotta loose some holiday poundage myself!

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    I'd love to have better appearing (i.e. thinner, firmer (?)) legs, but it isn't going to happen. Aside from that I don't really need to lose any weight, but good luck to anyone who does and is.. trying to. :-)

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    I'm 230 now, I'd like to be 210. I've been going to the gym and working out with a trainer, I'm going to start dieting seriously too, cutting out bad snacks and walking more.


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