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Thread: Wearing Goodnites Backwards???

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    Default Wearing Goodnites Backwards???

    So I read something a while back about Goodnites, someone made a comment saying that wearing them backwards is better than wearing them normally. I've been curious if anyone's done that before and what the results were? I honestly don't see how wearing them backwards would work better but I figured I'd ask anyway, so, does it work? Lol

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    I remember that too; GryphonGuy said that he doubles up and wears them backwards. I tried it once; it just felt really weird to me, so I didn't go through with any wetting experimentation, but I suppose it's worth a shot if you can get past the weird feeling.

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    That just sounds weird. I mena why?

    but this did remind me of something I heard or read somewhere about goodnites. or any other brand I guess.
    It was what boys who point it up should wear the boy ones because the front has more padding for boys.
    but for boys that point it down they should wear the girl ones because the bottom/center has more padding for girls.

    I remember feeling sad for those boys, I mean here you are upset about having to wear them period but then someone goes and says OH no! you're much better off wearing these girly pink ones with princesses on them cause you are more comfy with it facing down.
    even more weird, I think I may have even read that on their own site, like WHY would you tell people to subject their sons to that! IDK?

    - - - Updated - - -

    ya, there was a time when i though maybe I could get away with just using them, I was wrong

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    Lol this reminds me when I first bought diapers at 12/13, I didn't know at the time, I wore them backwards. Huggies, who don't sell diapers apart from pull ups, goodnites or little swimmers in the UK, have the size of the diaper on the back and I always thought size was on the front until I started using Pampers.

    Now I know why I struggled a bit to get them on because in the first place Huggies aren't that stretchy.

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    They don't work that well wearing them backwards. Tried it once but I don't recommend it.

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    Maybe if you lie on you back and flood. That is the only way I could see them working better.

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    I used to do it as a kid in 1st and 2nd Gen goodnites. When I was running low I'd wet a few times then turn them around and wet a few more times then finally when 100% full like I had pools I'd trash them. They were great back then I could use one for three nights wetting every night before trashing the 1st gen ones

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    This reminds me of Big Hero 6.

    "I go front, I go back, I go inside-out, then I go front and back."

    I'm pretty sure front is the way to go. Then change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91
    three nights wetting every night
    How the... did you not get a rash from that.

    Quote Originally Posted by plasticsounds
    This reminds me of Big Hero 6.
    And yea reminds me to lol.

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    I suspect that the idea of wearing them backwards is based on the assumption that, like underwear, the back of GoodNites is roomier than the front--something that would be welcomed by the males among us who find our male parts a bit troublesome in small diapers.

    But, sadly, not only are GoodNites exactly the same size in front as in back--like virtually every pull-up and baby diaper except for Huggies Little Movers--but the padding is clearly biased toward the front.

    So, in conclusion: Wearing them backwards makes no sense.

    Unless you like the look of the back better or something.

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