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Thread: $0.38 diapers!

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    So I was searching for a good deal on daytime diapers on amazon and I came across these Seni Super briefs in "Regular" size on amazon. 75 briefs for $28.21 on amazon.. So I did a little digging and xpmedical sells seni super plus and seni quatro. These supers are rated 7 while the super plus and quatros are 8 and 9 according to the packaging. I thought what have I got to lose!?

    Well they came today, they are not bad at all! Especially for the price! With limited testing, they seem to hold up well, control odor, stay dry to the touch, and even have standing leak guards! They are not as thick as premium diapers, but they are way better than bargain diapers, and how can you beat the price!

    Only warning: the box its clearly marked on two stickers that they are "Seni Super Briefs". If discreteness is needed, these might not be for you.

    I've already ordered a second case! Don't know if the price is a fluke or what, but it says there is 16 left, so get 'em while you can!

    In case you are going to ask, I wear size 36 pants and medium dry 24s fit me perfectly. These regular sized seni supers fit my waste perfectly and are just a tad snug in my legs.

    Here's the link:

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    they sound from the description like they are cloth backed. it that right?

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    Did the price go up? The link you gave is selling them for $65.23 per case.

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    Must have been a fluke that they fixed, I ordered 2, no prob! 150 for just over $50

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    It was definitely down at the 28 dollar price earlier.

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    You lucked up man! I have 'legitimate' bladder issues and these semi-premium diapers really hit the sweet spot for me. Unless I know I can't access an accessible bathroom for 8+ hours (I'm a quad), wearing something like an Abena seems like overkill as I rarely have the desire to sit in large amounts of my own waste. Semi-premium briefs will, for me, hold two 'wheelchair wettings' and usually three 'horizontal' wettings before I get concerned about leaks. Almost always enough to get me through my day or night.

    Fitright Ultra/Super/Restore are worth looks as well if you're interested in quality sub-$1 pricing per diaper. PM me or something if you ever see this sale again. If you're interested I may even want to purchase a sample from you. I might order at the higher price if they work better for my needs.

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    Yeah, totally get that. My problem is I get very little warning before my blatter releases. I can often make it to the bathroom in time, especially since I work from home. That said, like you, premiums just don't make sense during the day. My goto is typically pullup style , but even then, I'm easily spending 75 cents a brief!

    These are working great so far, they easily hold three wettings, without clumping and sagging. Fluids distibute really well. solid tape grip, standing leak guards, rear elastic waist band. My only two negatives are three dies not seem to be any kind of odor control, and the tapes have that elastic stretch thing, so I find myself having to adjust the waste tapes a couple hours in. Thankfully, they have the double tape thing so its easy to adjust.

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