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Thread: carer changing my nappies

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    Default carer changing my nappies

    I am disabled and incontinent, I have a carer that comes and helps me every morning but so far I have been embarrassed and I take my wet nappy off before she gets here. The other night I pooed my nappy in the night so in the morning I got myself cleaned up but then had to tell her when she got here what had happened. She then said she would have cleaned me up, it's her job and she wouldn't have minded.
    I'm hoping now that she will change me every morning and also put a nappy on me at night as previously I have been struggling on my own.

    She is around the same age as me, and a friend as well as my carer and I don't want to put her in an uncomfortable position but she is getting paid!!

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    While I understand she's getting paid to help you, I don't think I'd feel comfortable getting changed with someone who didn't enjoy it while I was capable of doing it myself. It seems clear that you're at least minimally capable. When you change yourself, are you doing a bad job? She's paid and she's willing, so it's no harm no foul. Perhaps that I wear exclusively for my own enjoyment colors my perceptions and expectations, but having been changed by those who enjoy it, I really wouldn't want anything less.

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