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Thread: ABDL Finder app

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    Default ABDL Finder app

    You know I have been thinking about Abdl signals, and I was thinking what if there was a phone or tablet app, that would let us know when there is another Abdl in the area, and sent us a message or a thing using your normal ringtone as not to cause suspicion, and put it out for free on android or apple device's, what do you think of that idea.

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    That is very interesting. If someone has the knowledge and money to develop the app

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    My concern is that non-abdl people with a vendetta against us could pose a potential threat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemmy View Post
    My concern is that non-abdl people with a vendetta against us could pose a potential threat...
    One way you could amend this is to just provide a means of connecting with people within X miles (but no specific location).

    The app idea reminds me of Grindr....

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    As has been noted, security is the major problem with an idea like this, though it's not insurmountable.

    Basically, you'd need to consider security from several angles
    1) Keeping predators off the app or adjusting its features to prevent abuse by predators
    2) Keeping government off the app or otherwise protecting the identity of people using the app from authorities
    3) Making sure people don't misunderstand what it is or get onto the network accidentally
    4) Protecting the data that you collect through the app (promising not to sell it, making sure the way you store the data can't be easily hacked, etc.)

    The big challenge is that you'd need to pull all that off while also advertising the thing in a way that would get people to sign up for it and make it useful.

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    I love the idea, it'd be great to meet other ABDL's but it does seem to pose a lot of problems. Shame really. Maybe just a general kink/fetish app that has an ABDL specific option or something similar?

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    The guys behind Snuggies have stated that they've tried to get an app approved for the ABDL social network site they built, but got denied by at least the Apple app store.

    For the time being, using the ordinary interfaces of ABDL and kink sites will probably have to suffice. Fetlife is probably the best tool for arranging meetings with ABDLs right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemmy View Post
    My concern is that non-abdl people with a vendetta against us could pose a potential threat...
    Only make the app available to people who have established accounts at places such as adisc.

    If anybody is seriously considering something like this. I do have android experience, and some server know how. I wouldn't mind helping.

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    What would worry me about an AB/DL app is that so many stupid people think being an adult baby is part of being a pedophile. I'm not sure the police or our government is much brighter in its limited insight. I could imagine them using the app to round up ABs and prosecute them as advertising or soliciting pedophiles.

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    All accept number 1 is a valid concern for sure.(that's just sensational news and politicians making it seem like that is some sort of problem) But like anything you do take risks with anything you do. I would be 100% sure our bloated LE has infiltrated this site. Maybe that's part of the reason youngsters were banned, which was sad. But once they found nothing evil going on...they went away. The app would be USELESS with out a locator. LE is the scariest truly, and they could try to frame someone to justify there salary, that is an industry. But I really dont think they would do it for such a small nitch group. I would join the app group no problem.

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