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Thread: How to Pronounce ADISC?

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    Talking How to Pronounce ADISC?

    Seriously though, is there any way you're supposed to say it?

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    If you're asking what each letter means, I believe it is this:

    A-adult baby
    D-diaper lover
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    Yeah, I thought it was A-Disc but I wasn't sure if that was just me. YAY I'm not alone

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    Personally I just pronounce the individual letters, like A-D-I-S-C because it's an aberration.

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    Just sing it along to the MICKEY MOUSE song...

    A D I
    S C DOT

    Oh-oh R-r GEE!

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    I've heard "ah-disc" but most common from members I've talked to is "ay-disc" and it matches with my pronunciation.

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