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Thread: Secret Language of the AB/DL's

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    Question Secret Language of the AB/DL's

    I was reading something today and I began to think about what it would be like if there was some sort of secret way of communication between members of the AB/DL community. It can be kind of hard to have any sort of support outside online communities since you have no idea who is and isn't AB/DL since most people make an effort to hide it.

    Like, if there were specific symbols or hand signals that only someone who was AB/DL would recognise.
    What am I even on about? I don't know..It sounds really stupid but I'm just in one of those moods where I think of all sorts of random things.

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    clicks an whistles bruh, clicks an whistles.

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    A nod and a wink is all the same to a blind bat, lol.

    I thought only groups like the Illuminati had secret handshakes.

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    The concept is nothing new, the problem is finding something we can all agree on...

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    We need to tap into that mental telepathy that babies seem to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    We need to tap into that mental telepathy that babies seem to have.
    And animals, they seem to have it too.

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    As mentioned, discussions have raged but no consensus reached.

    For starters, type ABDL Symbol in Google image search.

    People do sell keychains based on the logo seen there, so one could buy and hang one around.

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    I've always thought that holding your thumb in your hand making a fist and putting it up to your lips like sucking your thumb would be a cute and cool way of seeing if someone is abdl

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    I do that kind of thing to deal with cold fingers though.

    I think a static rather than an active signal would be better. An active signal would be odd to be constantly doing. You could ACK a static signal with something more active though.

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