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Thread: Looking for pictures of pixie & Dixie

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    Default Looking for pictures of pixie & Dixie

    My lovely wife wants to make a Pixie Mouse for me. She has never seen one and my parents threw mine away 55 years ago. Does anybody have one that you can shoot pictures of for us to work with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Now there's a blast from the past
    Wow, yes! I had completely forgotten about Pixie and Dixie. I watched a lot of the Hanna Barbara cartoons as a kid as they played on TV in the late afternoon after kids got home from school and in the house from playing outside. I didn't like them as much as Warner Brothers or Disney because they were minimally drawn. Their sound effects were annoying too, but they were always entertaining for a kid. I still say, "Ellllllll.....Kabong!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronoshift View Post
    How many do you need?
    Google image search is magic!
    Not looking for shots of the cartoon, but pics of the plush toy.

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    So, adding the keyword plush to the above query gave me a few that may be helpful:

    Group with pixie, dixie, and several others:[email protected]/5672461974/
    Dixie alone (only apparent difference is clothes and a little size, from previous picture):
    A different style:

    I'm not sure which one it would have been, so both styles I found I included.

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    Pixie and Dixie were my favorite growing up. +1 for you. A crying shame that they were pulled from Boomerang...

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    Those are good shots, Amcon. Just the type I am looking for. The newer ones are better looking, but I think I had the older ones, since I don't remember a name in the ear. They were among what my parents tossed in an apparent move to make me grow up about the age of 8.

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