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Thread: Cool diaper for hot weather sleeping?

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    Default Cool diaper for hot weather sleeping?

    Because I just started wearing in December, I haven't worn in really warm weather yet. As summer approaches, I am concerned that I am going to sweat my butt off if I continue wearing my plastic-backed diapers to bed every night. Can anyone recommend a cloth-backed diaper that will be cooler, yet still have good absorbency for overnight use? I do wet a substantial amount most nights and would like to continue to do so. Also, I am not a huge fan of the plastic-backed Abenas or North shore Supremes, so I am leery of trying them in cloth-backed, so if someone likes a cloth-backed other than those brands, that would be my preference. Thanks.

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    Try the Seni Quatro available from XP Medical. It is a European diaper with a maximum capacity of 4L (128 oz). Due to its excellent capacity and wicking, the Seni Quatro is an excellent diaper for night wear.

    The Seni stretches less than most cloth-backed diapers (so that it sags less) and wicks better so that more of the diaper is actually used. It has an elastic waist both front and back, standing internal leak guards, wetness indicator, and refastenable tapes.

    The diaper is very quiet. The mat does not clump or separate from the back sheet.

    Like all disposables, it still is vulnerable to leaking for side-sleepers. I wear it with a booster pad.

    The Seni Quatro arguably may be the best breathable currently available in the U.S. It is not cheap, but is a very good value for what you get.

    I am medically double incontinent and wear 24/7. The Seni is one of my primary diapers and I wear it daily.


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    I have been using the Abena air plus Level 4 diaper for my Sumer time diaper it's a lot cooler then my dry 24/7 since the diaper breaths it is a good choice for warmer weather I to started to wear this winter I also wear the level 2 version for my daytime diaper of choice. I have worn my level 4 juring the day but it is a bit bulkier in the pants but might switch to the level 4 for both day and night time use once I finish using my case of level 2 's

    The cloth backed version needs to be changed sooner then the plastic backed version but I usually change after 2 wettings Max either way.

    I have only had a couple of leaks using the Abena air's one time Imwaited to long to change and had 3 large floods the second time was a bad tape job on my part I rushed and messed up the tape.

    So I can say I trust the diaper to do its job

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