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Thread: Hello Kitty Pullups

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    Default Hello Kitty Pullups

    I saw these cute pullups on tumblr and decided to post them here. Has anyone tried them? You can buy them from amazon.

    Here's some pictures (not mine)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The size compared to a goodnite
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wait, where do these ship to? Do they ship outside Japan without big shipping charges? Also, how many per order? I couldn't find out from the description...
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    It looks like it's 24.99 (including shipping) for either 3 or 6 pull ups (3 packages). I can't tell whether there are 2 in each package. Without the shipping, it's 13.64. Assuming it's 6 per order, that's 2.27 per before shipping, and 4.17 including. Considering the absorbency looks minimal at best

    If someone who can read Japanese can confirm some of the details, we can get a better idea.

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    Someone should ask Jeremy to reach out about distributive of these in the US, then the price could be reasonable. Either way I am getting some!

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    going to order some

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    I THINK they're 6 per order, judging by the 2's everywhere on the packages, and assuming three are shipped like pictured. It makes sense weight wise, unless the packaging they're in is heavy (Shipping weight is 14.6 oz: compare to a package of goodnites). They'd be reasonable without the huge shipping... but they're so cute, and I'm not even much of a sissy... I may splurge a little, especially since they seem a good deal bigger than goodnites.

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