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Thread: Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

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    Unhappy Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

    Well, yet another Incontinence company in Canada is causing problems for me. This time it's also an AB/DL product supplier. Their name is Rearz. I'm interested in finding out whether somebody from there is part of this forum or group. I'm also interested in knowing whether other people have dealt with them and what their experiences have been.

    I don't know but sometimes I think I must have gullible or something printed on my forehead and that's why various companies have tried to take advantage of me.

    Anyhow, I received some products from Rearz and contacted them. I don't recall everything that happened because it's almost a month ago. Anyhow, the owner of the company asked me to return the items and I would have a credit with them. I did so and chose items for an order. Some discussion ensued and I forgot about it until I saw something on the desktop of my desktop computer. I haven't been using that computer much choosing to do most things on my phone.

    I decided to send Rearz an email today asking about the credit that I have with them. I was told that I still have the credit and I told them that instead of ordering more products I want a refund. The person who responded to me told me that I would still have to pay $24.95 as well as 30% restocking fee. The only place the $24.95 could have come from is what they were going to charge me to send me the new items as replacement for the ones that didn't fit.

    They didn't mention the restocking fee before I asked for a refund probably because Laurie, I believe the owner, told me that the items wouldn't be going back into stock. She said that she was going to use them for internal purposes. So asking for the restocking fee and the shipping fee must just be intended to annoy me.

    I don't know what's going to happen here but I have a few ways of dealing with them if they don't want to be fair. Once I know whether one of their staff is a member here, I'll tell you all more. I will also let you all know what happens, as it transpires. If you have any suggestions as to what I should do, how I should handle this situation, please post below. Thank you.

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    Default Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

    I have always had awesome service from Rearz.

    If you accepted a credit maybe you should use it? I like the look of their new diapers.

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    Davie, I see you have 3 incidents you have posted with 3 different suppliers. Perhaps in the future you should contact the supplier prior to your purchase and get them to specifically tell you what their policies are with respect to returning items, credits, replacement items, substitutes, etc. Then if something happens, you will be able to know what your options are. Another option would be to deal with suppliers who accept paypal or similar where if you have a problem with customer satisfaction they will step in and help you to the extent of their policies and/or the agreement you have made with the supplier.

    As for Rearz, I have made two purchases from them in the past few years and I have been satisfied with their products and shipping.

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    I've purchased from Rearz before and I've had no problems. Nothing shady at all, they're a very stand-up company and they respond promptly in terms of customer service, in my experience. The only 'issue' I've had--and it was entirely my fault for not paying attention when ordering--was placing an order with Canadian currency selected instead of American (I'm in the USA). My USD credit card was charged the Canadian amount, which means I was overcharged. I contacted Rearz and they refunded the amount that was overpaid to my credit card.

    It's very common to be 'out' a shipping charge when returning something purchased online. It would not be fair to expect a company to cover all shipping charges when the customer is the one that made a mistake (wrong size) ordering. I'm actually surprised they accepted a return if the product was an undergarment, because they legally can't re-sell it--so they've already lost money in accepting your return. Asking for a restocking fee and shipping is not meant to annoy, it is a very common (and fair) business practice for online shopping.

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    Dealt with them twice, exemplary service on both occasions...

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    You're buying diapers, an inherently disposable item. The fact that they have any return policy should be considered outstanding customer service. Try taking diapers back to a brick and mortar store.

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    Assuming the items weren't returned due to being faulty, I can't see any issue. You're returning a disposable item that can't be resold, so the business has lost the opportunity of a sale through no fault of their own. To be honest, given a credit in that situation is more than many businesses would do, so I don't really think you have grounds for complaint. Given you seem to have had a succession of "issues" with businesses others have had no problem with, perhaps you need to review how you make your buying choices and how you conduct transactions, as the evidence suggests the issue is more on your side than theirs.

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    I had no issues because also they are only one province away from me.

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    I agree with all the replies. Sounds like he likes to complain as a way to get something for nothing. Sounds like nothing but a scammer to me. But that's not my business. I would never do any business transactions with him.

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    Well what was the reason for returning the merchandise? From what it sounds like, you ordered some items, changed your mind, and then got mad when they charged you a restock fee. Just a heads-up, there are expenses involved with every package a business sends out, and if they were to refund you every dime after you sent the item back, they are losing money. Look at it from their point of view. They are not a billion-dollar corporation like Walmart who can absorb all those costs. It's perfectly reasonable for a business to charge a restock fee if they did everything right and you simply changed your mind, especially for a hygienic product that is disposable and not meant to be resold once returned. That's on you.

    It's also kind of jacked up, that you would create a thread with a defaming headline like this. From what I've heard Rearz has an excellent customer service record, and based on your one transaction with them you exclaim they should be completely avoided. I'm all for keeping the community informed when a company does something outlandish like embezzling money and not sending orders out or other unethical things, but this is a step too far. The community is small and word gets around fast, and when you make posts like this it damages these companies' reputations and hurts their sales and livelihood. Think about if it were your business for a moment.

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