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    ok, so I'm new to this whole thing and I'm wanting to try a new type of diaper but since I live in Canada I can't order sample packs from the American website.
    I have been wearing the dry 24/7 ones in a side medium. I am wanting to try the bambino bellisimo and teddy bear ones.
    So my question is how do the bambino ones compare in size to the dry 24/7 ones. I'm not sure if I should order a medium or a large. Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this! I just don't want to get the wrong size and waste my money.

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    Dry 24/7s run big. They shifted everything up one size several years ago, so if you're wearing a medium Dry 24/7, I'd tend to think that larges would suit you best in most other diapers.

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    There are two canadian suppliers I have dealt with, both have samples available and stock many different premium brands.

    I know Rearz has a showroom in Waterloo Ontario with lots of everything incontinence and abdl related and b4ns ships by greyhound (pick it up at the terminal) which is a great option for discretion. Both are great to deal with.

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    I find bambinos on the larger side as well, but not as big as 24/7.

    For non AB/DL diapers have the best prices and free delivery.

    In my experience B4NS charged me in U.S. $

    Reaz have great service, but you do pay what they pay for the delivery (fair for a smaller company)

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    You can order the dry 24/7's from that's where I order from they also carry Abena diapers
    They are in the Toronto area so I usually pickup my order since I am not far from their location. I to wear a medium in the Dry 24/7 and have just tried the Abena L4 for my night time diaper and they are a lot bigger then the Medium Abenas I use for my day time but they fit ok and have a lot more overhang on the side flaps then the Abena M4. I may end up totally switching to the Larger size once I run out of My medium diapers still have a case and a half left.

    But the nice thing about the medium M2's they really don't show I am wearing that much

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    I can't recommend Age Comfort enough. Plus, they have free shipping on all orders over $50 which, in my case last week, was one bag each of 24/7s and M4s.

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    I have ordered from rearz before. They do not have samples available for what I am wanting to try. I don't live in Ontario either so there's no way I can personally go to the showroom. I also have ordered from agecare. They don't carry the bambino diapers I am wanting to try. My question was about sizing, not about where to get what I want. Thanks tho for the info.
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