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    I'm kind of surprised that there isn't already a topic about this game, but I guess that we must all be innovators sometime
    So, for fans of this campy Valve shooter, what do you like about it? Favorite class? Map? Character, if different from class? Loadouts? All that good stuff.
    Personally, my two favorite classes are Medic and Spy. I always play the acolyte in MMOs, supporting my other teammates with buffs and heals. It feels like way more of a team effort if I'm keeping them alive while they do damage. As for Spy, it's such a unique class that plays so dynamically that it always seems fresh. Plus, there's nothing better than sapping all of an Engy's stuff and then stabbing him so that your team can push through and win. That said, my favorite character is the Engineer. I just think he's adorable, that southern accent makes me melt
    As far as loadouts go, I generally prefer mostly stock items except for those that are essentially straight upgrades, such as the Ubersaw and Escape Plan. Melee weapons especially are usually just reskins of stock weapons, because who can resist strafing around someone as a Scout and hitting them with a fish?

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    Got it out of the Orange Box back when it was released. Mostly played Soldier/Demo or Medic/Engi, I think (rockets are fun!). Scout, Heavy and Sniper not so much.

    The first few updates were well orchestrated and enjoyable, but in general I really dislike the idea of weapon upgrades in arena multiplayer. I haven't really touched the game since they decided to shit on their beauftiful artstyle with more and more hats.

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