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Thread: Worst Change ever?

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    Default Worst Change ever?

    Okay, what has everyones worst diaper change been like for them?

    I would have to say mine was at Wal-Mart once and I was in a maxed out depends and I realized I had no change with me, so i had to drive home in a leaky diaper, not too fun.

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    When my parents came home earlier than expected. I jumped to the bathroom, ripped of the wet diaper and had a shower. Luckily I could hide it there and get rid of it short after :/

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    I was living in a house at the time that had 1 bathroom and as I walked in to change and take a shower then put another one on for bed, my sister knocked saying she needed to use it.

    I've never sweated bullets until that night. I became really good at hiding things in plain view within minutes.

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    I have had a couple of really close ones. And I do mean close... like YIKES close. The first one...came home from a day of snowboarding on a sunday and i know at that time my parents are usually gone shopping and running errands. If they are gone when i get home i know i usually have 2 hours until they get back. Well so i got home and they were out! So excited i went to my diaper stash and got one on and started doing naughty things...

    all of a sudden i hear voices... i stop and listen real close its my dad in the front door... I tear it off and hide it really quick and change back into my pants. I am lucky they were coming through the front... if they came through the garage my room is like right there... i would not have had time. So that is my first one...

    My other one, (this is before my gf participated...and her parents have no idea still..and never will), but I was over at there house working and her mom was home, but she had to run some errands... well she leaves i get on my diaper and i was in the bedroom when i hear the dogs start barking. Or crap. I look out the window and her mom was puilling back in, she must have forgot something, So i tore off the wet diaper (i been saving me pee ) and stuffed it into a backpack in the room. Phew..

    SO those are my close scary changes.... or being caught i guess.


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    probably the night I unexpectedly went out with friends.. in an underjams... it ended up ripping like underjams usually do, and i had to pull it out and discreetly throw it in a public trash can. luckily we were playing hide and seek and they weren't anywhere near lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkster View Post
    probably the night I unexpectedly went out with friends.. in an underjams... it ended up ripping like underjams usually do, and i had to pull it out and discreetly throw it in a public trash can. luckily we were playing hide and seek and they weren't anywhere near lol.
    I had a Underjam do that to me at work one time. I didn't have panties on over it so I had to suck it up and keep it on. I grabbed the staple and ran to the bathroom to staple it back together.
    Luckily, I was working with my friend, Gina, who knows about the diaper thing.

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    Putting on a Tena Maxi when I got home from school. I usually do this lying on my bed, which is fortunately a high bed or I would have been caught. My Mum comes into my room unexpected to tell me something unimportant (I can't remember what) while I am naked in bed with a diaper under me. Fortunately I use the duvet to cover me and try not to move too much in case of crinkle.

    As I said, if I didn't have a high bed I would've been caught.

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    the worst one i had was the time i was changing a messed diaper in my bathroom and my mom came home early then i expected so i just shouted I'm taking a shower and cleaned my self very quickly

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    i was sat on my bed changing and the phone rang it made me jusp and i ended up pissing all up the wall thats about it

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    My worst diaper change was when I was at a car show last year. I had gone into a restroom at the back of this small western actor's museum in Wilcox Arizona, and thought that I had locked the door. I had my pants down, plastic pants down, and my messy cloth diaper laying on my plastic pants and the front of the toilet and was wiping myself clean when the door opens and this teen aged kid walks in and stops half way through the door. I just looked at him and said "excuse me", and he apologized and closed the door. I wasn't able to get to the door to check the lock, so I continued to clean up. After about 5 more minutes, another guys does the same thing. I was totally caught by surprise, and extremely embarrassed, to say the least.
    After I finished, as I walked out of the restroom, the second guy that walked in on me was standing there waiting to get in. I just kind of looked right past him and didn't say a thing. Then I walked out to my car and put my diaper bag in it, and went to get something to eat at one of the venders there for the show. as I was walking over there, I saw the kid that had walked in on me, but he didn't seem to care, and never said anything to anyone around him when he saw me there, so I'm thinking he was just as embarrassed as I was.

    That was my worst ever diaper change so far, but I know there will be more as time goes on, unless I become a hermit or something.

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