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    Default Need some advice school / future

    I'm currently in year 12 YAY(Trying not to fail) and I've got a few questions, this is specifically Australian schooling, so some things might be a bit different over in america when it comes to requirements ect, but..

    Lets say I did fail high school, not saying I will, but if there is a small chance, can I get into tafe still? I want to get a degree in computer science at uni, however getting a IT / networking degree at tafe, is just as good for me, If you are Australian or happen to know the answer that would be appreciated.

    When I finish high school / get a job, I plan to wear 24/7, what excuses should I use in the case I got found out, and do workplaces care? would they fire you for finding out? and what would be the best discreet diaper? for work?

    I think that is it for now....

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    Do they have guidance councilors or something similar at Australian High Schools? Because this seems like you'd do best fielding these questions to one of those.

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    I can't speak to any of the school questions since I'm in the USA. But as far as the workplace stuff goes, there's got to be something similar to the US's anti-discrimination laws. Basically those laws are there to stop a company from being able to fire someone from physical disabilities, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. (In the US it's called the ADA laws; Americans with Disabilities Act).

    I personally wouldn't recommend lying about it. But I also understand you probably wouldn't want to tell the truth about why your actually wearing, if you're not actually IC. You could just say something very plainly about it like, "I need to wear them". If there's similar anti-discrimination laws in Australia, then they wouldn't be able to fire you for wearing, as long as it doesn't affect your work, and they can accommodate you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hopefully someone that's in Australia would be able to comment on the laws there. But yeah, surely there are some laws that'll prevent discrimination. The ADA is only one of the few laws that'll protect people in the US. There are other ones as well.

    With that being said, a company would still be able to fire you, as long as they gave a reason, that wasn't related to the disability.

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    YAY someone else from Astraya! I'm pretty sure you can still get into tafe courses but I'm not 100%.

    And on the 24/7 issue, if someone tried to fire you for wearing diapers, then I'm sure you could take some sort of legal action against them. Since as far as I'm concerned, firing someone for wearing diapers is a completely unjustified action (you can sue them for unjustified firing or something, I saw it on Neighbours a while ago).
    When it comes to excuses for diapers or suspicious looking packages.. Unless the person is someone you have to live with or be associated with no matter what their view, I'd say just tell them.. I normally do and I think it's really funny to see their slightly creeped out faces when I do (e.g at stores or whatever) Show the person that your confident with yourself and don't let it be something that they could potentially use against you.

    Wow, that was kind of confusing to write. Hope it helped

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    [/rant on stupid legal system]

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