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    Wellllll im deleting my account and I just thought i'd leave a bye message before I left.

    Leaving mainly cause of studying, school and stuff, I just got conditional acceptance to university so I gotta cut out some of the small things I spend my time on that I could go without. I would just not come here under normal circumstance buuuuuuuut its ok causee;

    korey isn't even my name lol, I didn't want to use my real name, and I wasn't uber enough to think up a sweet original name on the spot, so I just went with this, felt somewhat weird posting under a fake anonymous name, "korey" isn't even a good one lol, also i dont really want my email linked to a site like this... juuuuuuuust is case :P

    Okay yeah, hopefully some people learned some stuff from me, may or may not have... A lot of my recent posts were pretty mindless and redundant, but back when I first came I got a plus rep for most of my posts, ive said some pretty insightful phrases.... But I don't want to go too far off on a tangent, ill keep this short. Like I said, I might be back, new and improved in university, but for the next few months I just gotta focus on my priorities

    Enjoy yourselves

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    Congrats on the University acceptance, but... why don't you just, y'know... let your account sit dormant? There may come a time when you want to come back, and instead of having to start out as a newbie again, you can just log back into this one...

    Have fun, whatever you do.

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