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  • North America

    2 40.00%
  • South America

    0 0%
  • Africa

    0 0%
  • Europe

    3 60.00%
  • Asia

    0 0%
  • Australia

    0 0%
  • Antarctica

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Thread: Your Origins?

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    Lightbulb Your Origins?

    First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for the apparent mistakes I made in my previous poll. I did not intend to offend a single one of you guys, I have nothing against ANY of you guys and I get the impression that I might've seemed like that. This is kind of a simplified version of the race poll that really dosen't pertain so much to you guys, but wherever your ancestors were from. There are way too many countries to put in a poll, and I don't want you guys to have to tell us the country if you don't wish. For this I used the continets, it's that simple and provides a more clean cut visual graph of origins if someone desires to make one.

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    Isn't Africa the only correct answer, barring respondents from Alpha Centauri?

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    A bit too similar to the "Your race" thread that is still active. Closed.

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